Division one win

The weather was much more agreeable and provided excellent conditions for bowls.  Division One entered the game needing a win to stay in touch with the four and came away with an excellent result against Mt Pleasant.  Christine Keller’s rink had a sizable win over Bo Hambly and never looked in trouble.  Bob Edward’s rink who led all the way countered a fight-back mid match but moved away for a comfortable victory over Chad Vivian.  Malcolm Keller’s rink had a fight all day against Luke West with the lead changing hands until with one end to play the scores were level. Unfortunately the final result ended two down.

Next week, the last for 2017 will be at Lobethal who sit in second place on the ladder.

Division 1 Hahndorf  defeated Mount Pleasant at Hahndorf                   72 – 40

M. Keller,  M. Wheal,  R. Rattray,  B. Buckingham                                        17 – 19
C. Keller,  T. Anderson, R. Crocker, M. Howe                                               32 – 9
R. Edwards,  C. Edwardes,  L. Lambert, G. Evans                                        23 – 12

Division Two had a difficult task in meeting Woodside’s top team included many top division players.  However the result on the day showed that we are capable of matching it with this team as two of our rinks results could have gone our way.  Ron Bateman’s rink fought all day to come away with a draw against Alexander Reynolds, whilst Bill Robertson went down by two shots to Steve Baker.  Tom Hennessey had a difficult time with Peter ” Mango” Mangelsdorf.

Next week we, still in fourth position, meet third placed Lobethal who are one win ahead.

Division 2 Hahndorf  defeated by  Woodside at Hahndorf                       52 – 73

W. Robertson,  A. McMahon,  R. Potter,  E. Biar                                           13 – 32
R.Bateman,  D. Bateman,  J. Benham, V. Deeble                                          22 – 22
T. Hennessey, P. Wakefield, A. Stevens, D. Turner                                       17 – 19