Division One Back

After so many close matches, Division One returned to the winners circle against the highly rated Mt Barker. Christine Keller’s rink provided the winning result with the scores locked together with her rink having two ends to play.  Bob Edward’s rink had a serious tussle getting home by three shots whilst Rick Babidge’s rink fought back from a slow start to hit the front with two ends to play but unfortunately went down by three shots.   Good fortune and good bowling saw Christine’s rink win the last end to give Hahndorf a hard fought win.

Division Two did not have similar luck although winning two rinks.  Chris Rowe got home by six shots and Ray Rattray by two.  Bill Robertson’s rink suffered a disappointing loss going down by twenty three shots.   Not a day Bill and his team would like to remember.

After a promising start to the season, Division Three had a difficult day at Mt Barker.  Playing under the dome, all three rinks went down but not without a fight.  Tom Hennessey’s rink got within six shots of their opponents with Tali Button and Ron Batemans’ rinks loosing by twelve and fifteen shots respectively.

Results were:

Division 1 Hahndorf defeated Mt Barker at Hahndorf             65 – 63

C. Keller, M. Keller,  L.Lambert, T.Anderson                                 22 – 19
R. Babidge, R. Mableson, C. Button, G. Evans                             22 – 25
R. Edwards, P. Nagel, S. Maddern, R. Crocker                             21 – 19

Division 2 Hahndorf defeated by Mt Barker #1 at Hahndorf    49 – 64

R. Rattray, A. McMahon, V. Deeble, R. Munday                            16 – 14
W.Robertson, M. Wheal, A. Gluyas, B. Buckingham                     10 – 33
C. Rowe, C. Edwardes, S> Brooks, S. Howe                                 23 – 17

Division 3 Hahndorf defeated by Mt Barker at Mt Barker          42 – 75

R.Bateman,  D. Bateman, B. Shields, J. Benham                           13 – 28
T. Button, P. Wakefield, P. Williams, D. Turner                                12 – 24
T. Hennessey, M. Armitage, R. Burton, J. Liebelt                            17 – 23