Division 3 – well done

Playing their first game without substitutions, division three have a great win over higher ranked Gumeracha by 22 shots.   Newcomers Rob Burton and Martin Corner played their first game for our club and performed well.  Con Harmer’s rink had a powerful win by 17 shots and took our this week’s “Rink of the Week”.

Division two was in need of a win to help their position on the ladder.  Comfortable wins by Ray Rattray and Kevin Spalding’s rinks allowed our team to get home by 9 shots.

In Division one, sound wins by Christine and Malcolm Keller’s rinks were not enough to cover Phil Nagel’s rink loss and finally went down by the narrow margin of 4 shots.

Next week, all teams play teams lower then them and present an opportunity to climb the ladder.  Let’s have three wins!!

Results were: 

Saturday  14th January 2017
Division 1 Hahndorf (3) defeated by Mt Pleasant (8)                        77 – 81
Christine Keller, Bill Fairley, Tim Anderson, Richard Crocker                26 – 22
Malcolm Keller, Roger Mableson, Rick Babidge, Jamie Burt                 32 – 25
Phil Nagel, Bob Edwards, Chris Button, Vic Liebelt                                19 – 34

Division 2 Hahndorf  (5) defeated Mt Pleasant (6)                               73 – 64     
Bill Robertson, Carolyne Edwardes, Ron Bateman, Allan McMahon        20 – 28
Kevin Spalding, Micheal Wheal, Scott Brooks, Shelly Howe                     25 – 17
Ray Rattray, Chris Rowe, Di Bateman, Alby Gluyas                                  28 – 19

Division 3 Hahndorf (10) defeated Gumeracha (8)                                66 – 44
Jim Howe, Tom Hennessey, Michael Armitage, Janet Liebelt                    23 – 13
Con Harmer, Barbara Shields, Rhonda Munday, Jennie Benham              29 – 12
Val Deeble, Rob Burton, Martin Corner, Pat Wakefield                               16 – 19