Disappointing Result

Division one had a disappointing loss to Oakbank with two rinks up but Bob Edward’s rink met a “hot” Oakbank rink and gave away a 0-19 start before holding its own scoring 13 shots apiece.  Chris Button and Malcolm Kellers’ rinks had close tussles with the lead changing hands all day but both finishing on top by the close of play.

Division two met top side Mt Pleasant and were outclassed by a stronger side. To their credit they battled hard all day.

Results were:

Wednesday 14th December 2016
Division 1 Hahndorf defeated by Oakbank at Oakbank                             59 – 69
Chris Button, Ray Rattray, Carolyne Edwardes, Graham Evans                     19 – 16
Malcolm Keller, Christine Keller, Michael Wheal, Kevin Spalding                    27 – 21
Robert Edwards, Chris Rowe, Jamie Burt, Vic Liebelt                                     13 – 32

Division 2 Hahndorf defeated by Mt Pleasant at Mt Pleasant                      41 – 76
Jim Howe, Brian Buckingham, Di Bateman, Allan McMahon                             14 – 28
Bill Robertson, Val Deeble, Pat Wakefield, Tali Button                                       12 – 23
Shelly Howe, Ron Bateman, Tom Hennessey, Eric Biar                                    15 – 25