Disappointing Losses To Lobethal

Lobethal’s home ground advantage proved too much for the visiting Hahndorf Division One and Division Two teams with only one rink managing a win. A depleted Division Three side were accounted for by Lobethal 1 at Hahndorf.

Division One played Lobethal at home but were unable to counter the home ground advantage. Christine was defeated by Neville Mansell by nine shots, Wayne Zilme finished five shots ahead of Malcolm and Bob went down by six against Anthony Treloar. Division One currently sit in seventh position on the ladder.

Division Two met a well drilled Lobethal 1 at Lobethal with Bill Fairley, standing in for Bill Robertson, getting up by two shots over Roger Jarman. Chris Rowe was defeated by Paul Maloney by 21 shots while Ray Rattray was accounted for by Paul Arnup who won by 26 shots. Division Two have dropped back one spot and currently sit in fifth position on the ladder.

Division Three couldn’t continue their winning form against Lobethal 1 at Hahndorf. Tom Hennessey continued to lead the way by defeating Betty Marriott by 16 shots. Tali Button was defeated by Graham Rogers by 19 shots and a determined Ron Bateman losing by six against David Turner. Division Three are currently third on the ladder.

Division 1 Hahndorf  defeated by Lobethal at Lobethal          58 – 78

M. Keller,  R. Mableson,  C. Button, M. Wheal                              22 – 27
C. Keller,  R. Babidge, T. Anderson, G. Evans                              14 – 23
R. Edwards, P. Nagel, S. Maddern, R. Crocker                             22 – 28

Division 2 Hahndorf  defeated by Lobethal 1 at Lobethal         36 – 81

W. Fairley,  A. Gulyas,  R. Potter, B. Buckingham                          18 – 16
R. Rattray, A. McMahon, V. Deeble, J. Benham                               9 – 35
C. Rowe, C. Edwards, S. Brooks, P. Williams                                   9 – 30

Division 3 Hahndorf defeated by Lobethal 1 at Hahndorf          58 – 69
T. Button,  P. Wakefield, R. Munday                                                10 – 29
R. Bateman, D. Bateman, B. Shields, D. Turner                             18 – 26
T. Hennessey, A. Button, L. Lambert, R. Burton                              30 – 14