Difficult Day

With temperatures in the high 30s, our teams meet stiff opposition and although competitive during part of the day came up with sound losses.

Division One played fourth placed Oakbank and all three rinks went down with six (Christine), seven (Bob) and ten (Malcolm) shot deficits.  They return home next week to play seventh placed Mt Pleasant with the need of a win to get closer to the top four.

Top placed Lenswood proved too strong for our Second Division side and they went down twenty seven shots.  Although the overall score was sizable, Chris Button had a great tussle going down by a solitary shot.  Ron Batman made a real effort until near the end and unfortunately couldn’t hold on and went down by ten shots.  Bill Robertson met a strong rink and struggled all day.  Also at home next week, Hahndorf (fourth place) meet second placed Woodside in a game that a win would reinforce our place in the four.

Division 1 Hahndorf  defeated by Oakbank at Oakbank               69 – 46

M. Keller,  M. Wheal,  R. Rattray,  B. Buckingham                             14 – 24
C. Keller,  T. Anderson, R. Crocker, M. Howe                                     17 – 23
R. Edwards,  C. Edwardes,  P. Nagel, C. Rowe                                  15 – 22

Division 2 Hahndorf  defeated by Lenswood at Lenswood           47 – 74   

W. Robertson,  A. McMahon,  P. Wakefield  E. Biar                            11 – 27
R.Bateman,  D. Bateman,  V. Deeble,  J. Benham                              16 – 26
C. Button, P. Williams, T. Stevens, D. Turner                                       20 – 21