Coaching Hints

As a quick guide to all bowlers at all levels, we sometimes overlook or are unaware of tactics that can turn a game around.

The following is offered as a reminder as we head into the second half of the season.

  1. All members of a rink should, after a few ends, be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their opposition including:
    a. what length of end they are playing,
    b. which hand they prefer,
    c. what affect the wind is having on the bowl.
  2. If the opposition is winning on a particular length, e.g. long ends, then our leader/skipper can request, on winning an end to:
    a. bring the mat up and roll the jack to the tee,
    b. bring the mat up and roll a short end,
    c. any length other than the opposition’s preferred length.
  3. What is important is to break the opposition’s rhythm.  It may not work at first but it is worth persisting as the game progresses.  It is interesting to note that this action was recently taken by two rinks, being down by over 10 shots at afternoon tea, resulting in winning or closing the gap to two shots.  Particularly, the closing of the gap can also have a huge effect on the overall team result.
  4. It is important for skippers to maintain their concentration of any tactics, and not just to direct their team as to hand or length.

For further information please click here: Tactics in Lawn_Bowls

Player Coaching

We all, at some time, have a run of poor performances and think we can fix it ourselves.  As your Club Coaches, we are only too happy to send any amount of time, be it small or large, to assist any bowler at any level.  We (the bowler) can’t see what we are doing wrong and get advice from others, who with great respect, may not be trained as to what to look for or how to fix it.  It may be something simple like a position on the mat, or where the hand is going on delivery release.  IPAD filming is also available if required.

Similarly, members of a rink, be it a skipper or any other, may recommend to a member who is having a problem, that it may be prudent to see one of the coaches to assist with their concerns.

If we can help, please give either of us a call or speak to us at the Club.

Good bowling: Michael (0421 032 145) and Graham (0419 804 418)