Club Fours Champions

With the help of two substitutes 16 players assembled on Monday 28th to contest Hahndorf Bowling Club’s Championship Fours.

In the first round, Bill Robertson’s rink of Richard Crocker(L), Big Hoffmann(2), and Chris Rowe(3) were highly competitive with Bill Fairley’s rink of Barry Rimmer(L), Chris Button(2) and Leon Zander(3). Midway through the game however, Robertson’s rink dropped a seven. This provided Fairley’s rink with a sufficient buffer to take the pressure off and go on to win without too much tension.

On the adjacent rink Christine Keller’s rink of Kathy Miller(L), Roger Mableson(2) and Malcolm Keller(3) cruised to a comfortable win over Phil Nagel’s rink of Con Harmer(L) substituting for Tim Anderson, Leo Lambert(2) and Bob Edwards(3).

Following lunch, Bill Fairley’s rink won the toss and quickly established a seven shot to zero lead over Keller’s rink. Michael Wheal, substituting for Kathy Miller, gained control of the jack and Keller’s rink fought back to level the score at 10 all on the 12th end. Keller’s team picked up a 3 on the thirteenth end, and then held off Fairley’s rink to win by one shot on the 15th end.

Christine Keller’s rink will now represent Hahndorf at 6pm, Friday 8 January at Lenswood, in the Hill’s Bowling Association Championships. Club supporters would be most welcome. See HBA website for more details.


Christine and Bill watching the head build in the Fours Final

Club Fours

Interested spectators watch as Leon delivers his bowl