Travel Expo

Members and their families are invited to visit the Phil Hoffmann Travel Expo on October 13th 2019.  Entry is free and there are seminars covering a wide range of topics presented throughout the day.

Held at the Adelaide Convention Centre (Morphett St, Western Entrance) and open from 10am to 4pm.

Phil Hoffmann Travel are excellent sponsors of our Club so please ensure when-ever you make a booking mention you are a member of the Hahndorf Bowling Club.  This ensures any booking is related back to their sponsorship.

Log on to: for more information about the Travel Expo.

FRIDAY BBQ – 27th September

Members and their families are invited to gather next Friday, 27th September, 2019 at the Clubrooms for a BBQ Dinner commencing at 6.00pm.  Cost will be $10.00 per head.

Don’t forget the Members Draw at 6.00pm.

The BBQ will follow the presentations for the Qube Logistics Pairs finals.

An attendance list is located on the Notice Board and members are requested to advise their attendance and numbers asap for catering purposes.

Greens Lighting Completed

We are excited that a few weeks ago our new LED Greens Lighting was installed.  Results from a lighting audit indicated that we have better than doubled our coverage of the green, thereby providing safer conditions for evening play.

We kindly acknowledge Sport Australia and the Mt Barker Council for their excellent financial support in the most important project.

Old one down                                     New one up


Next Saturday, 31st August, there will be a working bee held to get the Club in readiness for the forthcoming season.

Starting at 9.00am, just bring your gloves and see Bob Edwards for a job.  Such things as:

  1.  Weeding,
  2. Painting rink markers,
  3. Cleaning the storm-water drains,
  4. Cleaning out the machinery shed, and
  5. General tidying up jobs.

We look forward for support.


Division 1 Saturday Semi Final 

Hahndorf competed in the Hills semi final on Saturday but were outclassed by Woodside 84 shots to 53.

Rick Babidge’s rink with Leo Lambert, Shelly Howe and Sue Maddern  went down 21 to 28.  The game was won over 4 ends from the 12th end, when the Wooside rink scored 9 shots to go to a 12 shot lead.  Babidge was able to bridge the gap a bit but not enough to trouble their opponents.

Bob Edwards rink with Richard Crocker, Ray Rattray and Roger Mableson  had a close match all day with the scores tied on several occasions.  It was only the last 3 ends when Woodside pulled away despite Edwards rink playing some good bowls.

Phil Nagel’s rink with Tim Anderson, Chris Rowe and Chris Button lost 13 shots to 29.  Nagel lost the first 4 ends to trail by 7 and was unable to get back into the game to put some pressure on their opponents.

Results were:

Phil Nagel, Chris Button, Chris Rowe, Tim Anderson                  13 – 29
Rick Babidge, Sue Maddern, Shelly Howe, Leo Lambert             21 – 28
Bob Edwards, Roger Mableson, Ray Rattray, Richard Crocker    18 – 25



Night Owls Tuesday Winners

Winners of the Tuesday Night Owls were long standing sponsors and supporters of the Club, Jane & Peter Barsch, from Gallery Gifts known as “Panda Power” on Night Owls evenings.   Combining with Liz and Adam there were consistent throughout the seven weeks and deserved their win.

Photo: Liz, Jane, Peter, President Chris and Adam


Division One finals bound!!

Division 1 

Hahndorf had a great win on Saturday against Gumeracha 90 to 68 to secure a finals position.  All rinks were up and 14 points were scored to maintain 4th position on the table.  It is expected that the Club will play Woodside in 2 weeks time.

Rick Babidge’s rink with Leo Lambert, Shelly Howe and Sue Maddern had a good win 29 to 19. The team went to a 9 shot lead after 6 ends but this lead was cut back to just one shot at the 10th.  Nine shots scored over the next 4 ends saw the gap extend to 10 shots, and this lead was maintained for the rest of the game .

Bob Edwards rink with Richard Crocker, Ray Rattray and Roger Mableson  also had a good win 33 to 23 shots.  They went to a 6 shot lead after 5 ends and the Gumeracha opposition never got in front from that point with Edwards cruising to victory.

Phil Nagel’s rink with Tim Anderson, Chris Rowe and Chris Button was the other winner scoring 28 shots to 26.  Nagel got off to an incredible start to score 7 shots on the first end.  The opposition was able to turn this around and went to a 5 shot lead at the 9th end.  However, 11 shots scored over the next 5 ends saw Nagel go to a 5 shot lead but could not hold out Gumeracha who led by one shot with one end to play.  Nagel’s team steadied and won the last end by 3 shots to take away 2 premiership points

Division 3 

On a warm day at Woodside, Hahndorf, 11th on the ladder played Woodside 7th.

Skip Tom Hennessy, Diane Turner, Pam Grego and Paul Williams had an excellent day with some beautiful accurate bowling, only being behind in the first end.  From then on they increased their score with a 3 on the 6th (7-2), a 4 on the 9th (12-4) and another 4 on the 12th (16-8).  The accurate bowling continued after the break with another 4 on the 19th for 24-11 and a 3 on the 20th (27-11).   Woodside tried hard and scored on the last end, but Hahndorf won with a very convincing 27-12. Great bowling.

Skip Allen McMahon, Janet Liebelt, Sharon Engel and Matthew Armitage started slowly but by the 7th end had drawn with Woodside, only to fall behind and be 7-15 on the 10th and 9-16 on the 12th.  The fight back then started with a 3 on the 13th, followed by another 3 on the 14th and 1 on the 15th to equal the score at 16-16.  It was still even on the 17th and on  the 19th Hahndorf were 1 up.  On the penultimate end Woodside put a scare into the Hahndorf side with a score of 2, making the total 19-20.  However the mighty Hahndorf side kept calm but focussed and on the final end evened the score with a gutsy 1 to draw even with Woodside.  Great effort!  Final score 20-20.

Skip Dave Grego, Jennie Benham, Dave Thyer and Rhonda Munday had an unsuccessful day going down 9-20.  Jennie had some great shots as Lead.  Skip Dave restricted Woodside to only one 4 and one 3 with some excellent bowling which certainly reduced their probable score.  Final score 9-20.

Hahndorf won – final score 56-52.

Results were:

Div 1: Hahndorf (4) defeated Gumeracha (6) at Hahndorf       90 – 68
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, T Anderson                                      28 – 26
R Edwards, R Mableson, R Rattray, R Crocker                            33 – 23 
R Babidge, S Maddern, S Howe, L Lambert                                 29 – 19

Div 2: Hahndorf (6) lost to Gumeracha (3) at Hahndorf            66 – 69 
C Harmer, M Wheal, C Thompson, A Proeve                                23 – 23
W Robertson, V Deeble, P Wakefield, B Engel                             16 – 28
G Evans, R Bateman, J Thompson, B Buckingham                      27 – 18

Div 3: Hahndorf (11) defeated Woodside (7) at Woodside         56 – 52
T Hennessey, P Williams, P Grego, D Turner                                  27 – 12
D Grego, R Munday, D Thyer, J Benham                                           9 – 20
A McMahon, M Armitage, S Engel, J Liebelt                                    20 – 20

Div 1 Back in Four

Division 1

Hahndorf had a good win in Division 1 bowls defeating top four aspirant Uraidla 66 shots to 56.  With 2 rinks up a valuable 12 premiership points were earnt to propel the Club into the top four.  Hahndorf now needs to defeat the other top four contender Gumeracha next Saturday to secure its place in the finals.

Rick Babidge’s rink with Leo Lambert, Alby Gluyas and Sue Maddern had a good win 22 to 16.  The game was won when the team scored 10 shots over 5 ends from the 5th to 9th ends to go to a 9 shot lead. They were able to hang on to this 9 shots lead at the 21st end and ended up comfortable winners by 6 shots.

Bob Edwards rink with Richard Crocker, Shelly Howe and Roger Mableson  had a close game but lost 20 to 22 shots.  Losing 6 shots on the first 2 ends did not help but the team got back into the game thereafter.  If not for the opposing skip saving multiple shots on a number of ends, Edwards could have easily won.  It was good bowls from the opposition which saw Uraidla home by 2 shots.

Phil Nagel’s rink with Tim Anderson, Chris Rowe and Chris Button was the other good winner scoring 24 shots to 18.  Nagel got off to a good start to lead by 7 shots at the 7th end.  The scores were level at the 13th end but then the team put on the pressure to score 10 shots over the next 7 ends to open up a gap of 7 shots. They were able to cruise to victory from that point.

Results were:

Div 1: Hahndorf (6) defeated Uraidla (4) at Hahndorf         66 – 56
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, T Anderson                                24 – 18
R Edwards, R Mableson, S Howe, R Crocker                         20 – 22
R Babidge, S Maddern, A Gluyas, L Lambert                         22 – 16

Div 2: Hahndorf (5) lost to Uraidla (7) at Hahndorf             60 – 72
C Harmer, M Wheal, C Thompson, M Trubee                         26 – 22
W Robertson, V Deeble, R Munday, B Engel                          16 – 26
G Evans, R Bateman, J Thompson, B Buckingham                18 – 24

Div 3: Hahndorf (10) lost to Lenswood (11) at Lenswood   47 – 68
T Hennessey, P Williams, P Grego, D Turner                           18 – 24
D Grego, P Wakefield, D Thyer, J Benham                               14 – 23
A McMahon, S Engel, M Armitage, J Liebelt                             15 – 21

Oh so close!!

Wednesday pennant completed the minor round with both of our teams finishing fifth place.  Second division needed to win all three rinks but narrowly missed getting in the four by one point.  Top division missed by seven points.

However it was a great way to finish this part of the season with a win over two teams that will play in the finals.

Results were:

Division One
Hahndorf (6) defeated Woodside (4) at Hahndorf           61 – 51
C Button, L Lambert, D Grego, A Stevens                           25 – 14
R Edwards, R Rattray, G Evans, B Engel                            21 – 15
P Nagel, C Rowe, S Howe, T Anderson                              15 – 22

Division Two

Hahndorf (6) defeated Lobethal (4) at Hahndorf             51 – 49
C Harmer, M Wheal, P Wakefield, J Thompson                   21 – 13
R Bateman, T Hennessey, A McMahon, E Biar                   13 – 20
W Robertson, V Deeble, A Prove, C Thompson                  18 – 16