So close…..

Our rink of Phil Nagel, Geoff Deeble, Roger Mableson and Bob Edwards did our Club proud by making the final four in the SA Country Championships.  Their semi-final, was played in mild but windy conditions, against Kadina. Our team scored two-shots on the first end, however, the Kadina boys steadied and continued to play quality bowls. It seemed that whenever we had bowls around the jack they would simply remove them.  How frustrating!! The final score being 17-7.
However, we are proud of our team and the manner in which they played out the game. Congratulations.


Hutchinson Affair

Played in mild conditions, with the green running at 17 sec, the Infin8 Care Ladies and Men’s Club Singles Championships were played.  Chris Rowe and Rob Hutchinson contested the men’s whilst Sue Maddern and Sue Hutchinson battled out the ladies.

After Chris got away early, Rob got back to take the lead and continued running out a comfortable winner.  Sue H got in front early but right up until the final end, Sue M continued to fight back. Sue M put the jack in the ditch to win the third and second to last ends however a two on the last end got Sue H home.

A quinella to the Hutchinsons!!

Earlier in the day, Val Deeble and Di Bateman met the two Sue’s, for the Phil Hoffmann Ladies Pairs Championship with the Sue’s getting home.

The finals of the Nepenthe Men’s Fours and IGA Hahndorf Triples have also been completed with Rick Babidge, Tim Anderson, Graham Evans, and David Grego winning the fours whilst Ray Rattray, Tim Anderson, and Richard Crocker won the triples.

Our congratulations to all the winners.

German Arms Hotel on board

We are delighted to advise members that the German Arms Hotel has agreed to sponsor our Club and support the Night Bowls program.

The hotel has gone through a remarkable upgrade since the new ownership and members are invited to have a drink or a meal and enjoy their hospitality.

When asked what had been undertaken, their response was:

“The new ownership group at the German Arms Hotel, is a group of passionate locals, looking to restore the Hotel back to its days as the heart of the Hahndorf Community. We are a team who have worked and lived in the Hill’s for over 30 years and look forward to welcoming familiar faces and families back to the Hotel. We are currently renovating areas of the classic old building, showcasing some of its wonderful original features- in the hope that it will, again, become Hahndorf’s favorite “Local”.

We welcome the team at the German Arm’s Hotel to the Hahndorf Bowling Club.

Coaching Hints

As a quick guide to all bowlers at all levels, we sometimes overlook or are unaware of tactics that can turn a game around.

The following is offered as a reminder as we head into the second half of the season.

  1. All members of a rink should, after a few ends, be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their opposition including:
    a. what length of end they are playing,
    b. which hand they prefer,
    c. what affect the wind is having on the bowl.
  2. If the opposition is winning on a particular length, e.g. long ends, then our leader/skipper can request, on winning an end to:
    a. bring the mat up and roll the jack to the tee,
    b. bring the mat up and roll a short end,
    c. any length other than the opposition’s preferred length.
  3. What is important is to break the opposition’s rhythm.  It may not work at first but it is worth persisting as the game progresses.  It is interesting to note that this action was recently taken by two rinks, being down by over 10 shots at afternoon tea, resulting in winning or closing the gap to two shots.  Particularly, the closing of the gap can also have a huge effect on the overall team result.
  4. It is important for skippers to maintain their concentration of any tactics, and not just to direct their team as to hand or length.

For further information please click here: Tactics in Lawn_Bowls

Player Coaching

We all, at some time, have a run of poor performances and think we can fix it ourselves.  As your Club Coaches, we are only too happy to send any amount of time, be it small or large, to assist any bowler at any level.  We (the bowler) can’t see what we are doing wrong and get advice from others, who with great respect, may not be trained as to what to look for or how to fix it.  It may be something simple like a position on the mat, or where the hand is going on delivery release.  IPAD filming is also available if required.

Similarly, members of a rink, be it a skipper or any other, may recommend to a member who is having a problem, that it may be prudent to see one of the coaches to assist with their concerns.

If we can help, please give either of us a call or speak to us at the Club.

Good bowling: Michael (0421 032 145) and Graham (0419 804 418)

Four teams – Four Wins – Fantastic!

What a great weekend for our Club.  Under EXTREME weather conditions, fighting rain and unbelievable winds, our bowlers showed great resilience and won all their matches.  Many went down to the wire, with one shot wins by two of our teams.  Rink scores were also close which made the results even more impressive.

Details of the day were:

Division One:
Jamie Burt 29-26: Rick Babidge 27-26: Geoff Deeble 21-24 Team Win: 77-76
Division Two:
Ray Rattray 25-19: Val Deeble 21-16: Bill Robertson 23-21  Team Win: 69-56
Div Three Gold:
David Grego 24-12: Graham Savage 17-13                           Team Win: 41-25
Div Three Silver:
Jeff Thompson 19-17: Ron Bateman 15-16                            Team Win 34-33

David’s win by 12 shots gives his rink of Janet Liebelt, Ken Wilson and Cheryl Thompson the “Rink of the Week” vouchers.  Well done.

Finally, there must have been something special in the Italian food from Friday night’s dinner??

Congratulations to all our members on a great effort.  Keep up the good work.

Bill & Ron Again!!

They have done it again.  Today, playing at Lameroo, Bill and Ron won their two games to reach the last 16 of the State Pairs.

With a combined age of 170, these two thought they would enter the State Men’s Pairs.  Little did they ever expect to get through the sectional play but have managed to reach the final 16.    They have not only proven they have still got it when it comes to bowls but have shown the younger big guns that you are never too old to have a go.   Playing a team from Lameroo in the first round, they won 19-6.  In the second round, they were 6 up with the last end to be played, and 6 down with Bill’s last bowl and he reduced the shots to 2 down and won by 4 shots.

Bill Robertson and Ron Bateman both 85-year-old members thought they would have no chance but would  “give it a go”, never did they expect to be at this stage of the Pairs knockouts.  Bill who has a birthday next Friday had a family birthday party organised for next Sunday, but as they have made the last 16 he has to somehow tell his family he will not be available.  He stated that he may have to send a message to the family saying “Houston we have a problem”.  The Knockouts will be played at Clare we all wish both of you good luck in the finals.

Not to be outdone, Sue Maddern and Joan Prosser also won their two rounds today and have made it to the Knockouts to be played at Hamley Bridge next Sunday.  We all wish both of you good luck in the finals.

Age No Barrier!!

For Ron Bateman (85) and Bill Robertson (84) age was no barrier to winning their Section of the State Pairs at Lameroo last Sunday.  Played on grass and in extreme heat, they maintained the pressure on their opponents throughout the day.  They now travel back to Lameroo next Sunday and we wish them every success.

Sue Maddern, playing with Joan Prosser from Payneham, won her Section with three wins and we wish them well for the Knockout Round this coming Sunday.

Geoff Deeble and Chris Rowe also travelled to Lameroo and had three close games, losing their first two games by 1 & 2 respectively and draw their final game.

Richard Crocker and Graham Evans ventured to Geranium and won their first two games but lost their last and then lost on a countback.

Sue Hutchison played with her sister, Janet, winning two games whilst Val Deeble, playing with Gill Bartley from Tranmere, won one of her games.

Well done to all Club Members.

Great to see our Club being represented in these State events.  It is an excellent experience playing at different venues, on different surfaces and against bowlers from a wide range of Clubs. It is strongly recommended for all members to consider entering.


President Chris Button presented our newest Life Members, Bob Edwards and Bill Robertson, with their Certificates at the Club’s AGM last Monday night (Aug 10th 2020).

When their nominations were read out, the member approval was unanimous.

Both have given over and above service to our Club, each in excess of 15 years.  Support of new bowlers, holding office, member of committee, grounds maintenance, green management, selectors, – the list goes on.

We thank Bob & Bill for their tireless service and our congratulations on their election as Life Members.