Hahndorf win Regional Section Knockout

Playing at Mt Barker, Hahndorf’s rink of Richard Crocker, Paul Williams, Ray Rattray and Graham Evans (s) won thier knock out final against Murray Bridge’s rink of Brian Leckie, Peter Shilton, John Pohl and Jim Freak (s) by eleven shots: 18 – 7.  Getting away to an early lead with great bowling on long ends, the team held their opponents to low scores when losing the mat only to regain their composure and run out comfortable winners at the end.

They continue to progress, playing at Murray Bridge on Thursday 13th December in the quarter finals.   Our thanks to those who came out to support the team.

Val Deeble’s composite team were not so lucky.  Well done on getting into the knockout section.

Oh so close!

Division One

Hahndorf hosted Mt Barker in a clash to decide who would stay undefeated and lost by the narrowest of margins – two shots. The day was not decided until late in the day with Hahndorf holding sway for most of the clash.

Rick Babidge met Mt Barker’s Anthony Daw and continued to maintain his lead finishing eleven shots ahead at close of play.  Bob Edward’s rink had a battle all day with Brenton Smith winning by one shot.  Phil Nagel, playing Mt Barker’s Andrew Gard, got away to a slow start but recovered to be 13 all at the break.   Shots dried up for his rink from there and went down by fourteen shots.

Nest week Hahndorf meet third placed Lobethal at Lobethal.

Division Two

Again playing Mt Barker at Hahndorf second division, Hahndorf were within one shot at the break.   With Bill five ends to play, Bill Robertson lead 23 – 12 whilst Ray Rattray  recovered from being down 8 -19 to loose by seven shots.  Con Harmer had a battle all day, turning one shot down but finally losing by seven shots.

Bill Robertson, sensing a win if his rink could build on their lead, lost the remaining five ends to get home on by a solitary shot.

Next week Hahndorf meet second placed Lobethal at Lobethal.

Division Three

A day to forget!

Nest week Hahndorf meet top placed Lobethal No 1 at Hahndorf

Results were:

Division One
Hahndorf lost to Mt Barker at Hahndorf                           62 – 64
R Babidge, S Maddern, A Gluyas, S Howe                          27 – 16
R Edwards, R Mableson, M Wheal, R Crocker                    19 – 18
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, G Evans                                  16 – 30

Hahndorf lost to Mt Barker at Hahndorf                           63 – 76
C Harmer, A McMahon, T Button, B Buckingham                17 – 24
R Rattray, V Deeble, D Bateman, R Munday                        23 – 30
W Robertson, R Bateman, P Williams, B Engel                    23 – 22

Division Three
Hahndorf lost to Mt Barker at Mt Barker No 2                26 – 119
T Hennessey, M Trubee, D Thyer, P Grego                            8 – 42
A Button, D Turner, sub, E Biar                                             13 – 29
M Armitage, P Wakefield, S Engel, J Liebelt                           5 – 48

Nail Biting Finish at Uraidla

Division One – Hahndorf  travelled to Uraidla and, playing in all weather conditions, completed a nail-biting finish winning by one shot.

At the turn, Bob Edwards and Chris Button’s rinks were 11-9 in front whilst Ray Rattray’s rink were 9 – 11 down.  From there Chris Button continued to build on his lead five shots up on Uraidla’s David Gleeson.  Bob Edwards had to survive a comeback from David Wuttke with scores level at 17 all with one end to play. One shot on the last end gave Edwards to win.

Meanwhile Ray Rattray’s rink was having a great battle with Uraidla’s Geoff Deeble with Deeble sneaking away to lead by five shots with one end to play.  Deeble held two shots to draw the game, however Rattray’s last bowl draw in to reduce the shots to one, giving Hahndorf the overall win by one shot.

Next week they play third placed Woodside at Hahndorf

Division Two – Playing a strong Mt Pleasant team, our division two team were competitive for most of the day with all rinks holding leads at various times.  Tom Hennessey lead for the first thirteen ends finally going down Mt Pleasant’s Chad Vivian by six shots.  Shelly Howe was within two shots at afternoon tea and lead by two with two ends to play but went down by four shots in the end to Bo Hambly.

Bill Robertson met Luke West and after leading early had a great fight to lose by six shots.

Placed sixth on the premiership table, they meet seventh placed Meadows at Hahndorf.

Results were: 

Division One
Hahndorf defeated Uraidla at Uraidla                         56 – 55
C Button, B Fairley, D Grego, A Stevens                        23 – 17
R Edwards, M Wheal, R Bateman, R Crocker                18 – 17
R Rattray, C Harmer, A McMahon, G Evans                   15 – 21 

Division Two
Hahndorf lost to Mt Pleasant at Mt Pleasant                49 – 65
S Howe, V Deeble, C Thompson, J Benham                    20 – 24
T Hennessey, D Bateman, E Biar, D Turner                      16 – 22
W Robertson, J Thompson, M Trubee, B Buckingham      13 – 19

Region Fours Section Winners

Hahndorf was represented by Tim Anderson, Richard Crocker, Ray Rattray and Graham Evans (s) in the Men’s Region Fours played at Mt Baker this Sunday (4th Nov).  The team played against rinks from Tailem Bend, Karoonda and a composite team from Uraidla.   Playing Tailem Bend in the first game they finished with a draw after being one shot up with one end to play.  The second game was against Karoonda and got home by one shot.  The final game against Uraidla again saw the team win and based on the scoring system won their section.

Next week they play the knockout round against Murray Bridge at Mt Barker: 1.00 for a 1.30 pm start.

Val Deeble, playing lead for a composite team, also won through to the women’s knock out round.  Val was “over the moon” with her and the team performance beating more fancied bowlers.  Next week they play at Marion 9.00 for a 9.30 am start.

Well done to all Hahndorf representatives.

Division One still undefeated

Hahndorf teams travelled to Mt Pleasant with both divisions having either a narrow win or loss.

Division One finally got home by four shots but not without a fright.  Scores at the break had Hahndorf in front by two shots with Phil Nagel holding a six shot lead whilst Rick Babidge and Bob Edwards were each two shots down.  Phil Nagel continued to hold sway against Luke West and finished eight shots up.  Scores varied within a few shots for the remainder of the day for both Babidge and Edwards finally remaining two shots down against Mt Pleasant’s Chad Vivian and John Webb.

The win maintained Hahndorf’s unbeaten run and next week meets the other unbeaten team Mt Barker at Hahndorf.

Division Two – Similar stories to be told with the team one shot astray at the break only to go down by four shots at the end.  Hahndorf’s Con Harmer’s rink started well and after six ends led 12 – 3 only to see Mt Pleasant’s Barry Gifford’s rink get within two shots at the break and from there scores were level on a number of occasions.  Late in the afternoon Harmer steadied and got home by three shots.  Ray Rattray’s rink also started well and led by four shots at the break. Scores were level at 22 all with one end to play.  Two shots to Mt Pleasant’s Grant Noblet won the day.

Bill Robertson was in all sorts of strife being seven shots down at the turn.  He fell further behind early however drew within one shot with one end to play.  Four shots to Graeme Sloan of Mt Pleasant ended the day. The team still sits in fourth place and meets top side Mt Barker at home next week.

Division Three – A depleted third division took on Mt Barker No 1 side with the help of two Lobethal bowlers.  Young Heysen Comet bowler Matthew Armitage, playing in his first game as skipper, gave Hahndorf its only win defeating David Skelton by four shots.  Tom Hennessey and Tali Button had difficult games against solid opposition from Mt Barker’s Darren Ardlie and Kevin Fort respectively.

Next week they meet Mt Barker’s No 2 side at Mt Barker.

Results were:

Division One
Hahndorf defeated Mt Pleasant at Mt Pleasant              69 – 65
R Babidge, S Maddern, A Gluyas, S Howe                        23 – 25
R Edwards, R Mableson, M Wheal, R Crocker                  19 – 21
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, T Anderson                           27 – 19

Hahndorf lost to Mt Pleasant at Mt Pleasant                  75 – 79
C Harmer, A McMahon, G Evans, B Buckingham               25 – 22
R Rattray, V Deeble, D Bateman, R Mundy                         27 – 29
W Robertson, R Bateman, P Williams, B Engel                   23 – 28

Division Three
Hahndorf lost to Mt Barker No 1 at Hahndorf                  51 – 76
T Hennessey, M Trubee, xxxx, P Grego                              19 – 34
M Armitage, S Engel, xxxxxx, J Liebelt                                21 – 17
T Button, P Wakefield, S Palmer, J Benham                        11 – 25



Division Two Winner

Hahndorf defeated Lenswood by seven shots but the result was never certain until the last few ends with Hahndorf’s Bill Robertson and Ron Bateman getting the job done with sound wins of 13 and 14 shots respectively.  However Tom Hennessey had a battle with Lenswood’s Martin Fry going down by twenty three shots.  Bill Robertson’s rink started well and continued throughout the day to slowly move away.  Ron Bateman had a battle up to the break but he too continued to score and get home comfortably.

The win moved the team into fifth position and next week will meet fourth ranked Mt Pleasant at Mt Pleasant.

Division One had a bye.

Division Two
Hahndorf defeated Lenswood at Hahndorf                       66 – 59
R Bateman, C Harmer, E Biar, J Benham                              27 – 13
T Hennessey, A McMahon, J Thompson, C Thompson        10 – 33
W Robertson, R Rattray, R Burton, B Buckingham                29 – 13

Tanglin Bowling Club from Singapore

What a wonderful day to host our Singapore visitors.  “Bowls was the winner” with the games played in high spirits with great comradery.    New friends were made and hopefully retained.

The Clubroom presentation was a credit to Shelly and the luncheon matched the day.  Our sincere thanks to Shelly, Val, Di Bateman and Janet for their service before, throughout and after the luncheon.  My thanks also to all those who played and made the occasion such a success.  Maybe we can make up a team and travel to Singapore next year??

Gifts were exchanged and a plaque presented to Hahndorf Coordinator Graham Evans from Tanglin Coordinator Rodger Kimpton (see photo right) to commemorate the event.

The visits to Nepenthe and Hahndorf Hill Wineries were also well received and the presentations by Mark and Sloane respectively gave an excellent overview of the Hills Wineries.

We now have a presence on the international stage!!

Phil Hoffmann Travel signs on again

We are pleased to advise that yesterday, Phil Hoffmann Travel, Stirling, renewed their sponsorship with greater involvement in our Club.  They have added the naming rights to our Ladies Pairs Championship, playing in our social night bowls next month and supporting other activities when they become appropriate.

Phil Hoffmann travelIn return, we request members utilise their services when travelling, whether it be local, interstate or overseas.  We receive a percentage from the value for each financial year that goes back into our finances. It is important that we support them by promoting PHT to family and friends.

All that is needed is to advise their consultant you are from the Hahndorf Bowling Club.

Sylvia and Graham Evans have been using their services over the past four years and found them to be excellent.  Other members have also commented on their quality service.


Saturday proved to be a winning day with all teams having excellent wins.

Top division continued on its undefeated way with a sound win against Woodside at Hahndorf.  Phil Nagel’s rink had a battle with Steve Baker all day but moved ahead to get home by six shots.  Rick Babidge’s rink jumped out to a valuable lead in the first six ends only to get pegged back by Peter Mangelsdorf’s rink to draw level at 20 all late in the day.  Babidge steadied and won by three shots.  Bob Edward’s rink was slow to start and trailed by as much as ten shots however they turned to tide after the break and with one end to play levelled at 20 all.   A two to Shane Harris got the Woodside rink home.

The team sits in second place on the premiership ladder and travel to Mt Pleasant next week.

Second Division also had a win against Woodside by eight shots.  Ray Rattray’s rink had a battle with Woodside’s Annette Forbes with the scores close together all day.  Rattray finally winning by three shots.  Bill Roberston’s rink struggled early but improved after the break to close the gap against Ron Parry, going down by twelve shots.  Con Harmer was never headed, improving as the game progressed to win by seventeen shots over Stephen Keogh.

The win moved the team into fourth place and they also travel to Mt Pleasant next week.

Third Division travelled to Mt Pleasant and got home by the narrow margin of two shots.  New skippers, Adam Button and David Grego, in his first year of pennant bowls, continued on their winning ways by eleven and one shots respectively.  Tom Hennessey battled hard all day being close at the break but could not sustain the pressure over the final ends.

Next week the team meets second placed Mt Barker No 1 at Hahndorf.

Rink of the week went to Bob Edwards, Ray Rattray, Michael Wheal and Richard Crocker with their eighteen shot win on Wednesday.  Another one shot win this week!!

Results were:

Division One
Hahndorf defeated  Woodside at Hahndorf                              75 – 68
R Babidge, S Maddern, M Howe, G Evans                                   29 – 26
R Edwards, R Mableson, M Wheal, R Crocker                             20 – 22
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, T Anderson                                      26 – 20

Hahndorf defeated Woodside at Hahndorf                               71 – 63
C Harmer, A McMahon, T Button, B Buckingham                         32 – 15
R Rattray, V Deeble, D Bateman, J Thompson                             22 – 19
W Robertson, R Bateman, P Williams, B Engel                            17 – 29

Division Three
Hahndorf defeated Mt Pleasant at Mt Pleasant                        53 – 51
T Hennessey, R Munday, C Thompson, D Turner                        15 – 25
A Button, M Armitage, P Grego, J Benham                                  19 –  8
D Grego, P Wakefield, S Engel, J Liebelt                                     19 – 18