Lobethal Losses

Division 1

Hahndorf lost to Lobethal on Saturday division 1 bowls 83 to 57.  The good news was that one rink was up to score 2 premiership points.

Phil Nagel’s rink with Tim Anderson, Chris Rowe and Chris Button narrowly won 23 to 22.  They were well on top prior to the tea break leading 15 to 6 but found themselves under pressure thereafter and at the 21st they trailed by 3 shots.  The side steadied to tie at 22 all with one end to play and one shot scored on the last saw them to victory.

The rink of Bob Edwards, together with Richard Crocker, Ray Rattray and Roger Mableson could not take a trick, and were soundly beaten 16 to 31.  The side actually bowled quite well, but the Lobethal skipper had a day out upsetting heads with his final bowl on many occasions to put his side in front.

Rick Babidge and his rink of Leo Lambert, Alby Gluyas and Sue Maddern were defeated in the end 18 to 30.  In a tight tussle early, Babidge got to a lead of 5 shots at the 14th, but unfortunately lost some big numbers on a couple of ends from that point and could not recover.

Division 2

When Hahndorf last met Lobethal 1 at Lobethal last November they were outclassed, losing by 42 shots. On this occasion, playing at home, the loss was 16 shots.  Considering the calibre of the opposition, this is a creditable performance by the whole team.

All home rinks got away to a very good start, but as one astute observer wryly noted “Lobethal then worked out how to play a normal paced green and slowly pegged Hahndorf back”.

After twelve ends Hahndorf had cause for optimism with all rinks up: Con Harmer 15-4, Graham Evans 9-5, Shelly Howe 11-8. Alas, only the Harmer four was able to maintain their lead ‘til the end of the game with a 4 shot victory over Roger Jarman’s rink.

Playing against the four of Paul Maloney, Graham’s rink won seven of the first twelve ends but only managed to score in four of the remaining thirteen, each with single shots. The Hahndorf crew’s fighting spirit was evident by wins in the final two ends of the game.

Shelly’s four held a creditable 8 shot lead at the ninth, but Kevin Schulz’s rink whittled that advantage down to be up by 5 shots at the sixteenth. Hahndorf battled back with wins on the last nine ends but it was not enough with the visitors recording an 8 shot victory.

Hahndorf remains in seventh position on the premiership ladder. Next week they meet Oakbank at Oakbank.

Division 3

The game was played at Lobethal in very pleasant conditions, a change from the recent very hot weather.  We were up against the highly fancied Lobethal 1, currently top of the ladder.  Our team Hahndorf tried hard all day but Lobethal, on their home slow greens, were out to keep their reputation intact.

Skip Tom and his band of Jenny, Shaz and Jeff were behind from the very first end,  but won a great end on the 5th with a six and were in still in front on the 6th.   However Lobethal won most of the subsequent ends and at the break were 7 points up at 21-12.  The final score was 16-26, a good score on the day.

Skip Pat, Merv, Matthew and Alan didn’t have the best of days, although Lead Merv and his  counterpart Barry Elliott had a good contest.  The match was dominated by Lobethal, who only allowed Hahndorf six ends. Final score 7-35.

Skip Dave Greco, Pam, Dave Thyer and Cheryl were out of the blocks early to be in front until the 4th end.  Lobethal then fired up, scored a 6, two 4s and one 3 before the break to be 21-7 up.  Final score 13-33.

Results were:

1: Hahndorf (4) defeated by Lobethal (1) at Hahndorf                   57 – 83
R Babidge, S Maddern, A Gluyas, L Lambert                                     18 – 30
R Edwards, R Mableson, R Rattray, R Crocker                                  16 – 31
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, T Anderson                                            23 – 22

Div 2: Hahndorf (5) defeated by Lobethal (4) at Hahndorf              52 – 68
C Harmer, M Wheal, D Turner, B Buckingham                                     22 – 18
M Howe, W Robertson, V Deeble, B Engel                                          17 – 25
G Evans, R Bateman, D Bateman, A Proeve                                       13 – 25

Div 3: Hahndorf (9) defeated by Lobethal#1 (1) at Lobethal            36 – 94
T Hennessey, J Thompson, S Engel, J Benham                                   16 – 26
D Grego, C Thompson, D Thyer, P Grego                                             13 – 33
P Wakefield, A McMahon, M Armitage, J Liebelt                                     7 – 35

Wednesday Results…..

Results were:
Division One
Hahndorf (4) defeated by Mt Barker (2) at Mt Barker        45 – 52
C Button, L Lambert, D Grego, S Howe                                  19 –13
R Edwards, R Rattray, G Evans, R Crocker                             8 – 23
P Nagel, T Anderson, M Wheal, B Buckingham                     16 – 16

Division Two
Hahndorf (5) defeated by Mt Barker (1) at Mt Barker         78 – 39
R Bateman, T Hennessey, J Thompson, J Benham                12 – 33
W Robertson, V Deeble, R Burton, A Stevens                         16 – 23
C Harmer, A McMahon, D Bateman, C Thompson                  11 – 22


Division Three Defeats Mt Barker #2

My thanks to the members who have stepped up and now providing write-ups for our teams on Saturdays.  Fantastic.  Still looking for Wednesday teams!!

Division 1

Hahndorf visited top side Mt Barker on Saturday and had its chances during the day but finally went down 73 to 64.

The one rink up was Bob Edwards who with Roger Mableson, Ray Rattray and Richard Crocker defeated their opponents 25 to 24.  Edwards got away to a slender lead of four shots at the tea break, only to lose the next four ends to trail by six shots.  However they fought back to be down one shot coming into the last end, but were able to score 2 shots to come out winners.

Rick Babidge and his rink of Sue Maddern. Alby Gluyas and Leo Lambert had a close game but lost but just one shot 18 to 19.  They only won two of the first ten ends but only lost one shot on each of the losing ends, to trail by six shots.  They fought back to level the scores 17 all at the 23rd but could not quite get the victory.

Phil Nagel with Chris Button, Chris Rowe and Tim Anderson got away to a good start and were 6 shots up at the 12th end. Losing multiple shots on many ends thereafter saw the game turnaround with the final result down 21 to 30.

Div 2: Down under the Dome 

It was always going to be a tough afternoon playing against the second placed side on the HBA Premiership Ladder. In our last encounter with Mt Barker on our home green the ‘roos won two of three rinks (63-76). Sadly on this occasion they almost doubled our score and as a result Hahndorf has slipped back to seventh place in the competition.

All rinks were holding their own ‘til the afternoon tea break after which momentum was lost and winning shots were hard to achieve.

Con Harmer’s four started well against that of Keith Bolto with the lead changing three times. Hahndorf was just one shot behind at the fourteenth, having won nine of the ends to that point.  Such was the pressure asserted by the home team, Con’s hard-pressed band was only able win another two ends by game’s end.

Shelly Howe’s rink had the hardest battle, winning less than a third of the ends. Hahndorf was leading 6-2 after six ends at which time Judy Thomas’ four stole the show. An indication of opposition tenacity can be illustrated by one end where their lead’s first bowl finished less than 40cm from the jack: Hahndorf’s lead responded masterfully by displacing that bowl and holding the vital ground only for his opponent to then draw inside with her second bowl.

Graham Evans’ rink, playing against Murray Thomas, had the closest competition only to lose by ten shots by dropping eleven in the final five ends of the game. It was looking very promising with a one, six, five and one winning shot response to Mt Barker’s claim on the first three ends and Graham’s crew remained in front until the twenty-first. Again, an illustration of the Barker strength:  Hahndorf went down by two shots on one end with our third delivering an impressive toucher which then stopped less than 4mm from the jack:  two of the opposition’s bowls, however, remained in situ as resting touchers J.

Such is the intriguing game of (lawn) bowls. Next week Div 2 meets top-placed Lobethal 1 at Hahndorf.

 Division 3

Hahndorf played home against Mt Barker #2 on a very hot day where the new shade cloth backdrops were of immense benefit in keeping players cool and out of direct sun while not on the rink.

Tom Hennessey’s rink had a good win being ahead all day.  A five on the 19th and a four on the 14th end, as well as three threes and numerous twos, sealed the fate of Mt Barker, who had more modest scores.  At the break Tom was 18-6 and the final score was 33-11.

Dave Grego’s team also won, starting positively with a four on the first end and a three on the 8th.  At the break they were 15-7 and looking comfortable.  However, Janet’s scones and cream revitalised Mt Barker and on the 18th the scores were even at 18-18.  Dave obviously thought Mt Barker had been given enough incentive and a three on the 19th and a two on the 20th gave Hahndorf the victory at 23-9.

Alan McMahon’s rink were in the game early, but Mt Barker started pegging them back.  On the 11th end scores were 10-6 and at the break Hahndorf led 11-10.  However, Mt Barker came out fighting, with a bit of luck on their side, and held Hahndorf to only one more shot for the rest of the game.  Final score 12-18.

Well played in very hot conditions with points allocated 12-2 on the competition ladder.

Results were:

Div 1: Hahndorf lost to Mt Barker at Mt Barker             64 – 73
R Babidge, S Maddern, A Gluyas, L Lambert                    18 – 19
R Edwards, R Mableson, R Rattray, R Crocker                 25 – 24
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, T Anderson                           21 – 30

Div 2: Hahndorf lost to Mt Barker at Mt Barker            58 – 113
C Harmer, M Wheal, T Button, B Buckingham                   16 – 35
M Howe, W Robertson, V Deeble, B Engel                        16 – 42
G Evans, R Bateman, P Williams, D Bateman                   26 – 36

Div 3: Hahndorf defeated Mt Barker #2 at Hahndorf      68 – 48
T Hennessey, J Thompson, D Turner, J Benham                33 – 11
D Grego, A Proeve, S Engel, J Liebelt                                23 – 19
A McMahon, M Armitage, P Wakefield, C Thompson         12 – 18

Division Two Win

Hi Guys / Girls
Still looking for a member to do the write-ups for these teams.

Results were:

Hahndorf defeated by Gumeracha at Gumeracha                 48 – 70
C Button, S Howe, D Grego, A Stevens                                     18 – 17
R Edwards, R Rattray, G Evans, R Crocker                               20 – 20
P Nagel, T Anderson, M Wheal, C Harmer                                10 – 33

Division Two
Hahndorf defeated Gumeracha at Gumeracha                      65 – 52
V Deeble, T Hennessey, P Wakefield, A Proeve                        19 – 19
W Robertson, J Thompson, R Burton, B Buckingham                21 – 22
R Bateman, A McMahon, C Thompson, J Benham                    11 – 25

Beerenberg 2019 Spectacular

The Australia Day Holiday at our Club hosted the 30th Beerenberg Tournament in bright sunlight and excellent bowling conditions.  Sixty four bowlers from interstate, country and metro graced our greens to play four games (two fours and two pairs) during the day.

Throughout the day bowlers and supporters were provided with pre-game nibbles, a magnificent luncheon and scones and cream at the conclusion of the final game.   Club Event and Catering Coordinator, Shelly Howe, and her team did our Club proud with the presentation of the hall and management of the food.   Our thanks to Janet Liebelt who made the scones for afternoon tea.

Bar staff made sure everyone received their attention and Val & Pat ensured the registrations and raffle were professionally managed.  Thanks to Chris Rowe as referee.

Winners on the day were Uraidla’s Geoff Deeble’s composite rink of Annette Forbes (Woodside), “Tag” Hunter (Goolwa) and Chris Nichols (Mt Barker).  Runners up were David Harvey, John Allen, Elaine Harvey and Liz Allen from Brighton.

Greg Lomax, deputising for his wife Monique from Beerenberg, spoke of Founder Member and Past President, the late Grant Paech’s association with our Club and the enjoyment it gave him outside of work. Greg then presented the winners, runner’s up plus the spot prizes and raffle winners their respective prizes.

The Club is indebted to Grant’s wife Carol and their family in continuing their association with our Club and reaching 30 years.

The Club thanks everyone who played their part in making the day such as success.

Congratulations and well done.

Hole in One!!

With no bowls yesterday, Tali Button turned her hand to golf and recorded a “Hole In One” on the eighteenth hole at Echunga Golf Club.  Congratulations and welcome to the Club.

Wednesday – HOT – Disappointing

Dear Members – still looking for any team member to write an article relating to the day’s play for all teams except for Saturday Div 2.  Bill Robertson has offered to provide score information from the cards to allow a small article for the website.  Just write in Word and send attachment to g.evans29@bigpond.com and I will copy and paste to the website.  It’s that simple!!  Any further info please ask.

Results were:

Division One
Hahndorf lost to Oakbank at Hahndorf                            55 – 71
C Button, S Howe, L Lambert, A Stevens                            19 – 19
R Edwards, R Rattray, G Evans, R Crocker                         19 – 30
P Nagel, T Anderson, M Wheal, C Harmer                          17 – 22

Division Two
Hahndorf won on a forfeit from Mt Barker #2 at Hahndorf
R Bateman, V Deeble, D Turner, C Thompson
W Robertson, J Thompson, R Burton, B Buckingham
A McMahon, M Trubee, A Proeve, J Benham

Curry Night “HOT”!

Forty two members, families and friends gathered at the Club after the completion of pennant bowls for “Curry Night”.  On offer was in excess of ten different curries plus accomplishments followed by a Drumstick for dessert.

Prior to the dinner, President, Chris Button, gave an overview of the various possibilities to enhance our Club’s facilities as recommended by the committee.

During the evening our Club Raffle was drawn and the prizewinners were:

1st Prize: Chivas Regal 25 yo Scotch Whisky: Roger Mableson
2nd Prize: Penfolds RWT Barossa Valley Shiraz 2012: Bill Robertson
3rd Prize: Penfolds Max’s The Promise Shiraz 2014 : J Wright (Pat Wakefield’s daughter)
4th Prize: Jacob’s Creek double Barrel Shiraz 2014/Cheese Board Pack: S May (Pat Wakefield’s daughter)

It was nice to see the prizes going to members or family of members.  A big thank you to all members who supported the raffle and made it such as success.

The evening was a great success and the Club’s thanks go to our Club Catering Manager, Shelly Howe, her team of helpers and particularly the members who produced the magnificent range of curries for our consumption.

What a great night!!

Rink of Week – Howe v Babidge?

Maximum points to Hahndorf

With a win for all three Div 2 rinks, Hahndorf has climbed two rungs up the premiership ladder and is within striking distance of fourth-placed Lobethal 2. It is rather sobering to note, however, that the difference between the fourth- and seventh-placed teams is a mere five points: it will certainly be a fight to reach the finals!

Con Harmer’s rink had a strong start to be up 10-4 after twelve ends.  Michelle Law’s four then applied the pressure, scoring 11 to Hahndorf’s 9 over the next thirteen ends. The final tally: a Hahndorf victory 19-15.

Graham Evans’ four had a much tighter tussle in the first half of their game against Ray Eglington’s rink.  Dropping a 5 on the second end jarred the Evan’s crew to come back with a 5 on the fourth. At the fourteenth end the scores were 12-14. Hahndorf then powered away scoring 20-3 over the last eleven ends.

Shelly Howe’s rink had a very convincing win against that of Barry Gifford. They won nineteen of the twenty-five ends. Bill Robertson suggested that luck went Hahndorf’s way but each member contributed well to the final score of 40-8.  Unfortunately, they only just missed out on the prestigious “Rink of the Week” award by two shots.

Last time the Hahndorf crew played at Mt Pleasant the home team won by 8 shots. Our 51 point win on home territory yesterday has raised the hope of further success in this year’s competition!

With no matches to be played on Australia Day, Hahndorf will meet second-placed Mt Barker under the Dome in early February.

Results were:

Division One
Hahndorf defeated Mt Pleasant at Hahndorf                78 – 64
R Babidge, S Maddern, A Gluyas, L Lambert                   47 – 13
R Edwards, R Mableson, R Rattray, R Crocker                16 – 24
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, T Anderson                          15 – 27

Division Two
Hahndorf defeated Mt Pleasant at Hahndorf                 91 – 40
C Harmer, M Wheal, A Proeve, B Buckingham                 19 – 15
S Howe, W Robertson, V Deeble, B Engel                        40 – 8
G Evans, R Bateman, P Williams, D Bateman                  32 – 17

Division Three
Hahndorf lost to Mt Barker at Mt Barker                        38 – 73
P Wakefield, T Hennessey, S Engel, J Benham                   9 – 25
D Grego, R Munday, D Thyer, P Grego                              21 – 20
A Button, A McMahon, M Armitage, D Turner                      8 – 28

Division Three Good Win

Div 2: Woodside turns the tables

On a sunny afternoon at Woodside, the home team came out the winner scoring 69 to Hahndorf’s 55 shots, and thus exacted some degree of revenge for their 8 shot loss when last at Hahndorf green in October last year.

Con Harmer’s rink had the toughest battle against the four of top-ranked Div 2 skipper Ron Parry.  Con, also at the higher end of the skipper rankings, had a modest lead after eleven, however the Parry juggernaut won all but one of the remaining ends to win by 14 shots.

After a vigorous start, and leading by 8 shots after six ends, Shelly Howe’s rink lost all but three of the next fourteen to be down 13-19 after twenty ends. Shelly’s crew fought back, winning three of the last five ends only to lose by 4 shots to Brian Johnson’s rink.

Bill Robertson’s rink was slow out of the blocks but gained momentum to lead their opposition 13-7 after twelve ends. This success continued ‘til the seventeenth (score 18-10) when Annette Forbes’ four responded with some precision play to progressively narrow the lead. Hahndorf hung on to win 22-18. Bill later acknowledged a few lucky wicks!

Hahndorf now fills the seventh position on the Div 2 premiership ladder but is looking to climb a few rungs after their meeting with Mt Pleasant at home next Saturday.

Results were:

Division One
Hahndorf lost to Woodside at Woodside                               62 – 83
R Babidge, S Maddern, A Gluyas, L Lambert                            24 – 27
R Edwards, R Mableson, R Rattray, R Crocker                         28 – 19
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, T Anderson                                   10 – 27

Division Two
Hahndorf lost to Woodside at Woodside                              55 – 69
C Harmer, M Wheal, A Proeve, B Buckingham                         15 – 29
S Howe, A McMahon, T Button, B Engel                                  18 – 22
W Robertson, R Bateman, P Williams, D Bateman                  22 – 18

Division Three
Hahndorf defeated Mt Pleasant at Hahndorf                         75 – 52
P Wakefield, T Hennessey, S Engel, J Benham                        18 – 23
D Grego, R Munday, D Thyer, P Grego                                     22 – 15
A Button, M Armitage, D Turner, J Liebelt                                 36 – 14