In a well-attended preseason outing, members enjoyed a gap between the showers and football final to prepare for the coming season.

dsc_9581Australian Hearing conducted hearing checks for many of our members, some of whom discovered that they and skippers need to brush up on their signing skills. Partners probably gained a better understanding that the ‘deaf ear’ to which they had become accustomed, is in fact a reality and not just a habit.

dsc_9597Barbecued lunch preceded a video demonstration explaining how to use the defibrillator. It is one of those things we hope will never be needed, but if the event should arise, we will all be much more confident and prepared.


dsc_9605dsc_9584Phil Nagel then led a discussion on ‘Green etiquette and sportsmanship’. Bowls is a sport which traditionally has been associated with respect and good manners and we will be endeavouring to maintain that ethos.

At about this time the showers and drizzle cleared away, enabling Sue Maddern and Phil to take us through a series of practice drills. Players enjoyed the challenge and came to the realisation that it would be worth taking the time to improve their execution of those shots, many of which might only come up once or twice in a match, but can have a crucial bearing on the outcome.  Thank you Sue and Phil for a very worthwhile session.

Having practiced the drills it was then time to put them to the test. Two bowl triples can be very revealing and some closely fought matches evolved under the watchful eyes of selectors.

With just one Wednesday and Saturday remaining before the Pennant Season begins, we would encourage all players to squeeze in as much practice as possible, and if at all possible, attend on either Wednesday, Saturday or preferably both, so that the selectors can see you in action.