Bill & Ron Again!!

They have done it again.  Today, playing at Lameroo, Bill and Ron won their two games to reach the last 16 of the State Pairs.

With a combined age of 170, these two thought they would enter the State Men’s Pairs.  Little did they ever expect to get through the sectional play but have managed to reach the final 16.    They have not only proven they have still got it when it comes to bowls but have shown the younger big guns that you are never too old to have a go.   Playing a team from Lameroo in the first round, they won 19-6.  In the second round, they were 6 up with the last end to be played, and 6 down with Bill’s last bowl and he reduced the shots to 2 down and won by 4 shots.

Bill Robertson and Ron Bateman both 85-year-old members thought they would have no chance but would  “give it a go”, never did they expect to be at this stage of the Pairs knockouts.  Bill who has a birthday next Friday had a family birthday party organised for next Sunday, but as they have made the last 16 he has to somehow tell his family he will not be available.  He stated that he may have to send a message to the family saying “Houston we have a problem”.  The Knockouts will be played at Clare we all wish both of you good luck in the finals.

Not to be outdone, Sue Maddern and Joan Prosser also won their two rounds today and have made it to the Knockouts to be played at Hamley Bridge next Sunday.  We all wish both of you good luck in the finals.