Big Wins – but!!

Division 1 & 2 recorded big wins over a sadly depleted Meadows.  Having played the past five weeks with similar problems, we have empathy with their Club.  Throughout the day they battled gamely only to be overrun at the finish.  Their Division 2 side had only three players per rink which made their work even harder.     Michael Wheal’s rink recorded an “eight” along the way.

Division 3 met a strong Lobethal 3 team and unfortunately fell short on the day.

Division 1’s win moved then into fourth place and next week meets third placed Oakbank.  Division 2 is now placed sixth on the ladder and also meets seventh placed Oakbank.  Wins to both teams will move division 1 to third place and division 2 possibly to fifth.
Division 3 is placed tenth and plays twelfth placed Oakbank.

Results were:

Saturday 19th November 2016
Division 1 Hahndorf defeated Meadows at Hahndorf               103 – 44
Chris Button, Leo Lambert, Carolyne Edwardes, Tim Anderson             34 – 13
Roger Mableson, Rick Babidge, Vic Liebelt, Kevin Spalding                   29 – 17
Phil Nagel, Bob Edwards, Chris Rowe, Richard Crocker                         40 – 14

Division 2 Hahndorf defeated Meadows at Hahndorf                155 – 39
Ray Rattray, Bill Robertson, Con Harmer, Jean Wagnitz                          64 – 11
Scott Brooks, Shelly Howe, Di Bateman, Alby Gluyas                               27 – 22
Michael Wheal, Graham Evans, Val Deeble, Brian Buckingham               64 –  6

Division 3 Hahndorf defeated by Lobethal3 at Lobethal                36 – 97 
Ron Bateman, sub, Rhonda Munday, Matthew Armitage                           14 – 30
Jim Howe, Pat Wakefield, David Davis, Jennie Benham                            10 – 42
Allan McMahon, Barbara Shields, Eric Biar, Janet Liebelt                          12 – 25