Last gasp for Division Two

Division Two: President Bill provided the shot of the day with his last bowl to move the jack and score two shots to give his team a win by a solitary shot.  Trailing all day and with the other two rinks having a fight on their hands Bill’s shot put them in front by the one shot and give the team the win.  Michael Wheal’s rink got off to a handy start but were pegged back late in the game to go down by six shots.  Ray Rattray’s rink were finding the greens difficult but steadied nearing the end and got home by six shots.

Division One: Had a mixed day with all rinks struggling early, however Christine Keller’s rink found their length and got home by five shots.  Malcolm Keller’s rink made a real battle of a low scoring game overcoming a slow start to go down by three shots.  In a high scoring game Bill Fairley’s rink had a real tussle finally going down by ten shots.

Division Three: It is great to see this team doing so well and now sits in third place on the ladder.  All three rinks were up against Uraidla No 2 by good margins.

Division 1 Hahndorf  defeated by Oakbank at Oakbank                61 – 69 

C. Keller,  R. Edwards,  L. Lambert,  T. Anderson                              24 – 19
M. Keller,  R. Mableston,  C. Button,  S. Maddern                              15 – 18
W. Fairley,  P. Nagel,  R. Babidge,  R. Crocker                                    22 – 32

Division 2 Hahndorf  defeated Oakbank at Oakbank                        55 – 54

R. Rattray, G Evans, A. McMahon, V Deeble                                          21 – 15
W. Robertson,  C. Rowe,  A Gluyas,  B. Buckingham                            19 – 18
M. Wheal,  C. Edwardes,  S. Brooks,  M Howe                                       15 – 21

Division 3 Hahndorf defeated Uraidla No. 2 at Hahndorf                    90 – 38  

C. Harmer, P. Williams, P. Wakefield, J. Benham                                  36 – 9
R. Bateman,  D. Bateman,  B. Shields,  M Armitage                               30 – 13
T. Hennessey,  T Button, B. Engel,  D. Turner                                         24 – 16