2018 off to a great start

Excellent conditions provided our two teams with solid wins to start the second half of the pennant season.

Division One defeated Mt Barker 2 by thirty seven shots.  A race between Christine and Malcolm Keller for “bragging rights” with Malcolm home by twenty shots with Christine close behind by seventeen shots. Bob Edward’s rink had a fight on their hands with the lead changing throughout the day with the final result being a draw.

Next week the team plays top team Mt Marker No 1 at Mt Barker.

Division Two maintained it’s place in the four with a sizable win over Meadows.  Home by forty forty shots, Bill Robertson and Tom Hennessey shared the largest wins each getting home by eighteen shots.  Ron Bateman made it a clean sweep also home by eight shots.

Next week the team also plays fifth placed Mt Barker at Mt Barker.  A win wold help consolidate its position in the four.

Results were:

Division 1 Hahndorf defeated Mount Barker 2 at Hahndorf             77 – 40

M. Keller, M Wheal, R. Rattray, B. Buckingham                                      29 – 9
C. Keller, T. Anderson, R. Crocker, M. Howe                                           29 – 12
R. Edwards, P. Nagel, L. Lambert, G. Evans                                           19 – 19

Division 2 Hahndorf defeated Meadow at Hahndorf                           78 – 34

W.Robertson, A. McMahon, R. Potter, E. Biar                                           25 – 7
R.Bateman, D. Bateman, J. Benham, V. Deeble                                       25 – 17
T.Hennessey, P. Wakefield, A.Stevens, D. Turner                                      28 – 10