Pennant 2014-15

2014-15 Season in Review

Saturday ‘s Division 4 team can hold their heads high after winning the pennant flag, but for other teams it was a case of ‘so near and yet so far’.

Our Division 1 teams on Wednesday and Saturday both finished as Runners up and while we were very disappointed not to have won at least one of the flags, it is nevertheless a meritorious achievement for us after finishing 4th in the minor round on Saturdays.

We are one of the smaller clubs in the Hills Bowling Association and this represents the highest finishing position for our club in the Saturday competition since being fully integrated into this Association.

In the Ladies Thursday competition a creditable third place was achieved.  However at the Association and regional level our individual ladies groups excelled.  Jean Wagnitz, Pauline Eichner and Christine Keller won the Hills Association Triples, Pauline and Christine the Pairs and Christine the Singles.  Our Triples team then went on to win the Region 6 Triples final and Christine the Region 6 Singles.

In the Men’s championship events Malcolm Keller was Runner up in the Hills Association Singles.

Our Saturday Division 4 pennant side went ‘back to back’ by winning their Grand Final against Lobethal at Woodside.  Our team comprised of Eric Biar, Ray Hoffman, David Langton, Allen McMahon (skipper), Val Deeble, Graham Evans, Barb Shields and Greg Miller (skipper).

The team fought its way back following a one shot loss to Lobethal in the semi-final and a solid win over Uraidla in the preliminary final.

Allen’s rink had a excellent win over top div 4 skipper David Turner whilst Greg’s rink lost to second top div 4 skipper Mary Matthews by one shot on the last end.

What was more commendable was that three players, Val, Allen and Graham were playing in their first year as pennant players.

Saturday Pennant Division 4 Premiers

Eric Bair, Ray Hoffman, David Langton, Allen McMahon (skipper), Val Deeble, Graham Evans, Barb Shields and Greg Miller (skipper)

David Langton, Eric Biar, Allen McMahon (skipper), Val Deeble, Greg Miller (Skipper) Front: Graham Evans, Barb Shields and Ray Hoffmann

Runners Up Sat1

Saturday Pennant Division 1 Runners Up
Back: L-R: Tim Anderson, Roger Mableson, Vic Liebelt, Barry Rimmer, Leon Zander, Phil Nagel
Front: Malcolm Keller, Carolyne Edwardes, Christine Keller, Leo Lambert, Kathy Miller, Bob Edwards

Runners Up Wed_1

Wednesday Division 1 Runners Up
Back: L-R: Malcolm Keller, Leon Zander, Vic Liebelt, Roger Mableson, Bill Roberston, Barry Rimmer
Front: Bob Edwards, Christine Keller, Leo Lambert, Carolyne Edwardes, Brian Buckingham, Kathy Miller

regional triples champs

Region 6 Champ of Champs Triples 2015
Jean Wagnitz, Christine Keller, Pauline Eichner

regional singles champ

Region 6 Champ of Champs 2015
Christine Keller