Saturday Round Two

Division one
Division one travelled to Lenswood this week. Phil Nagel’s rink comes out firing winning the first couple of ends. Lenswood warmed up and played well until afternoon tea. Hahndorf finished strong winning seven out of the last ten ends. Despite our strong finish Lenswood’s Larwy Meikle’s rink managed to come away with a win.

By the fifth end, Malcolm Keller was leading Wayne Pittway 10-0. Hahndorf and Lenswood battled it out all day with some close heads. Malcolm and his team worked hard at limiting their opposition to scoring ones or twos for almost the entire game. Hahndorf finished seven shots up.

Bob Edwards had a tough day at the office against David Moate. Hahndorf showed their competitive nature going into afternoon tea and worked hard in the last half to close the gap on the Lenswood side.

P. Nagel, R. Babidge, C. Rowe, R, Crocker 21-27
M. Keller, R. Mableson, C. Button, S. Maddern 26- 19
R. Edwards, C. Keller, L. Lambert, T. Anderson 11-26

Division Two

Division Two had a long day at Mount Barker with all games finishing late. Michael Wheal’s rink fought hard against Mount Barker. Although Hahndorf managed to win six consecutive ends with Daren Ardlie’s rink having a two-shot advantage.  Despite Hahndorf putting up a good fight, it was Mount Barker that took out the win.

Bill Robertson had a competitive match against Kevin Fort. With the lead changing a couple of times during the day. The sandwiches seemed to help Hahndorf to take the lead for the second time in the match, finishing with a five-shot win.

Ray Rattray had a close match with the lead changing five times in the first 10 ends. Hahndorf going in for afternoon tea with the lead. Mount Barker kept us on our toes managing to gain a lead of four with four ends to go. With winning the next two ends Hahndorf had a one-shot lead into the end. However, Mount Barker managed to win the last end and the game.

M. Wheal, C. Edwards, R. Munday, P. Williams 17-28
W. Robertson, A. Gluyas, V. Deeble, B. Buckingham 21-16
R. Rattray, A. McMahon, D. Bateman, M. Armitage 21-22

Division Three

Division three had their first home game Against Lobethal 2. Ron Bateman’s Hahndorf Team took the lead early in the day. With some very tough heads, both teams worked hard for their shots. The score did not resemble the competitive day, Ron’s Rink won eleven ends out of the twenty-one played. Hahndorf worked hard on cutting down Graeme Kluske’s winning heads to extend the final score to seven shots.

Con Harmer played a strong Loby side. Hahndorf did their best to win ends all day. Hahndorf were putting down some great bowls and made sure that Lobethal worked for all their shots. Hahndorf managed to come out after afternoon tea with a four but Loby won the day.

Tom Hennessy had a low scoring match against Mary Matthews. Hahndorf kept the lead all day with their opponents hot on their collars. The thirteenth end Loby tied the match, with Hahndorf responding with a four the next end. Hahndorf finished strong winning by 5 shots.

R. Bateman, T. Button, B. Sheilds, J. Liebelt 21-14
C. Harmer, R. Burton, B. Engel, J Benham 10-23
T. Hennessey, P. Wakefield, J. Thompson, D. Turner 19-14



New Sponsor – Phil Hoffmann Travel

We are delighted to announce we have signed a Sponsorship Agreement with Phil Hoffmann Travel that will be a great benefit to our members and our Club.

Basically the more we book through any of Phil Hoffmann’s ten branches, particularly the Stirling Branch, the greater value their sponsorship will assist our Club.

All that is needed is to indicate that your booking relates to their sponsorship with the Hahndorf Bowling Club and they do the rest.  Added benefits to you as travellers are offered when the booking is over a certain amount – see the flyer on our Notice Board.

From time to time you will receive special offers only provided through our sponsorship.   They will come through our website or by email, however you may OPT OUT if you do not wish to receive them. 

As an aside, Sylvia and I have been using the Stirling Branch for years and have found them first class.  A few years ago, we struck an overseas flight connection problem due to the overdue arrival time of our plane and within 12 hours  (overnight) they had the problem fixed and we were on our way.  Other members and friends also use this branch with excellent results.   

Brochures will soon be available in the Clubhouse and we are planning a short Phil Hoffmann Travel talk combined with a Nepenthe wine Tasting on Thursday 2nd November after club practise and a sausage sizzle. 

So mark it in your diary and strongly consider Phil Hoffmann Travel when next planning your holidays.  You will be pleasantly surprised!!


Contact for Phil Hoffmann Travel at Stirling Branch is Riz Callisto or any one of her great team on 81314400 





First Game Of The 2017-18 Season


Saturday 7\10\2017 was the first game for the 2017-18 season Hahndorf had a tough ask facing Lobethal in all divisions.

Division 1 

Our rinks were competitive all day against the powerful Loby rinks.
Phil Nagel got away to a slow start and was trailing by as much as 10 shots in the first half of the game but Phil’s rink managed to fight their way back and enjoyed a small lead after the tea break. It was a tight tussle in the last few ends but loss of a five in the closing ends saw Hahndorf go down by 6.

Bob Edwards’ rink had a tight battle with Wayne (zoomer) Zilm all day and were nip and tuck throughout the day with some aggressive shots from Zoomer keeping their nose in front. The loss of a couple of multiples towards the end saw Bob go down by 9.

Malcolm Keller had a tight battle with Neville Mansell all day. The first several ends were only won by singles with great drawing and recovery shots by both teams. After the break, Loby were able to break away and establish a good lead only to see Malcolm’s rink recover over the last five ends with Hahndorf getting two shots on the last end to draw the match

R. Edwards, C. Keller, L. Lambert, T. Anderson 21-30
M. Keller, R. Mableson, C. Button, M. Howe 25-25
P. Nagel, R. Babidge, C. Rowe, R. Crocker 21-27

Division 2

Div 2 were playing the reigning premiers and facing a tough challenge
Bill Robertson’s rink had a tough day at the office against Roger Jarmen.  With Hahndorf and Loby being tied with a number of ends won towards the break, Hahndorf came out refreshed and were able to keep the opposition to within one and two shots.  There were some closely fought ends all day but eventually, Loby took the win by 13 shots.

Micheal Wheal also had a battle against Paul Arnup. Hahndorf worked well together to ensure Loby had to work hard for every shot. Despite some good heads and very good bowls from the Hahndorf rink the opposing rink snuck away to a 10 shot win.

Ray Rattray had a tight battle against Paul Maloney and managed to keep in front for most of the day. With Loby putting up a good fight and closing the gap, Hahndorf were able to finish strong with a good all-around performance winning their game by 8 shots.

R. Rattray, A. McMahon, T. Button, A. Gluyas 25-17
W. Robertson, S. Brooks, V. Deeble, B. Buckingham 16-29
M. Wheal, G. Evans, R. Munday, P. Williams 18-28

Division 3

Div 3 also played the reigning premiers and travelled to Lenswood to take on Loby as the Lobethal greens were still under construction. With four new bowlers in their team, Hahndorf put up a good showing.

Ron Bateman’s rink had a tough day at the office up against some very good bowling.  Hahndorf fought hard all day going down to David Turner.

Tom Hennesey had a tight battle with Kevin Leinert. Hahndorf and Loby tussled it out all day with the lead changing several times.  Good bowling from both teams ended the game in deadlock.

Con Harmer and his opponent Betty Marriot had a close game all day which was evident by the low scoring. Hahndorf managed to get out in front and stay there with Con’s Hahndorf rink eventually running out victors by 5 shots.


C. Harmer, R. Burton, C. Thompson, J. Benham 17-12
R. Bateman, D. Bateman, B. Shields, J. Thompson 9-29
T. Hennessey, P. Wakefield, B. Engel, D. Turner 22-22


Clubroom’s New Lighting

One of the committee priorities was to bring the inside lighting up to date with current trends.   Following advise and quotations, this week saw the installation of new lighting throughout the building.

The kitchen is now compliant with safety regulations and the main hall has a softer, warm feel to its character. The dimmers work and the two lights over the bar replaced with matching sconces.  The committee room now has warm strip lights that adds to the environment – and they are all the same colour!!.

Our thanks to Glen Schubert, the electrician, for his excellent work.  Glen installed al the wiring when the building was born and continues to provide support to our club when-ever we need it.

From this…….









Vale Jeff Dewell

Jeff Dewell

When Jeff joined Hahndorf Bowling Club in 2001 he was already an accomplished bowler, as he been in every other one of his sporting pursuits. He quickly established himself in the Club’s top sides which were achieving success in the metropolitan competitions.

As a club member he sought to make everyone welcome and to do whatever was needed to ensure that the work was done and a socially positive atmosphere was maintained.  When ill-health struck he tried to continue bowling socially but the treatment soon put a stop to this.

The Club expresses its sympathy and best wishes to Jan and the family.

Bunning’s BBQ Success

Sunday 9th July was a cold and wintery day but it didn’t stop our intrepid cooks and service members from serving 470 sausages to hungry members of the public.  Our thanks go to Bob Edwards, Phil Nagel, Di & Ron Bateman,  Michael Wheal. Tim Anderson, Jim Howe and Rob Burton for their efforts.

We also thank Noske Meats, Hahndorf Fruit & Veg and Hahndorf IGA for their support with the products.  We made a profit of $815.00 on the day.





Some photos that represent the day (Compliments of Michael Wheal)

Engagement Thanks

Dear Michael & the team at Hahndorf Bowling Club,

My fiancé Dale and I had our engagement party on Sunday 26th Feb 2017 at your bowling club. It was such a wonderful day! We would like to thank you again for making our engagement party so fun and memorable!!

Also a big thank you for letting us use your cute and family friendly venue! It was just perfect.

I have attached some photos for you to display on your website! I am so sorry for the delay in sending them through to you. 

All of our guests said what a wonderful day it was and everyone had lots of fun playing barefoot bowls! Such a fantastic day!!!

Thank you so much!!

Kindest regards,

Meagan & Dale

Thank your Meagan & Dale for choosing our club.

The club thanks Michael Wheal, Tim Anderson and Richard Crocker for their excellent work on the day.

ANZ Home Loan Referral –

Dear Members and friends

Within our website there is a special page covering Bowls SA and ANZ.  It details the sponsorship arrangements between the two bodies and how it can have a significant financial effect on our Club.

Simply put – as part of the ANZ sponsorship, our club is offered:

  1. the opportunity to receive additional income by introducing our members and/or their associates to ANZ via ANZ Home Loan Introducer Program or Commercial Loan Spotter Agreement.

So if you, a family member, friend or associate need a Home or Business Loan, without any obligation, please see any member of the committee for an Introduction Form prior to making an appointment with ANZ.  This offer is available through any ANZ Branch.

For ANZ Mt Barker, contact Branch Manager Sue Booth on 0423 822 901 or for a commercial loan Craig Chapman on 6802 8985.  Be assured that NO information is provided to our club relating to any confidential discussions between the person and ANZ.