Wednesday Winners

On a cold, miserable afternoon our teams ventured to Gumeracha looking to post their first wins.  At the end they achieved their goal with both winning their respective matches.

In Division One, Bob Edwards got away to a fast start leading 11-0 early but a change of length end saw them have a battle on their hands finally getting home by four shots.  Chris Button’s rink held sway all day winning by a comfortable fourteen shots.  Ray Rattray’s rink went down by one shot but not without a fight.  The lead changed hands during the day after the teams were locked at 11 all at the break.

Division Two also scored their first win with Bill Robertson and Ron Batemans’ rinks getting home by five and seven respectively.  Tom Hennessey’s rinks had a close battle all day with the lead also changing hands throughout the day.

Next week our Division One team meets Mt Barker at Mt Barker whilst Division Two meets Lobethal at Lobethal.

Results were:

Hahndorf defeated Gumeracha at Gumeracha                      65 – 48
Division One
C Button, M Howe, D Bateman, A Stevens                                25 – 11
R Edwards, C Harmer, M Wheal, R Crocker                              21 – 17
R Rattray, T Anderson, L Lambert, G Evans                              19 – 20

Division Two
Hahndorf defeated Gumeracha at Gumeracha                      62 – 56
R Bateman, B Buckingham, E Biar, C Thompson                      24 – 17
T Hennessey, A McMahon, J Thompson, J Benham                 16 – 22
W Robertson, B Engel, R Burton, D Turner                                22 – 17

👍 Great Results at Home

Division one and two completed a double after the teams were locked in a solid battle at the break but found a way to overcome the opposition and come away with great wins.

Division one continued their winning way with Rick Babidge’s rink getting on top after the beak and running away with a ten shot win.  Bob Edward’s rink maintained the pressure getting home by four shots.  Two “sevens” in the closing stages from Babidge and Edwards swung the game in Hahndorf’s favour.   Phil Nagel’s rink recovered from a slow start to close the gap and assist in the overall result.

Division Two also had an excellent win with two winning rinks and a draw.  Con Harmer’s rink maintained its winning style with a twelve shot win.  Ray Rattray’s rink home by six shots and Bill Robertson’s rink drawing 18 all.

Both teams are now sitting in third position on the premiership table.

Division Three had a most difficult day at Uraidla, however the upside is that most of the team are new bowlers and now getting valuable experience in pennant bowls.

Results were:   

Division One
Hahndorf defeated Uraidla at Hahndorf                    67 – 63
R Babidge, S Maddern, A Gluyas, M Armitage             29 – 19
R Edwards, R Mableson, M Wheal, R Crocker             23 – 19
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, T Anderson                      15 – 25

Hahndorf defeated Uraidla at Hahndorf                    72 – 54
C Harmer, A McMahon, T Button, B Buckingham         30 – 18
R Rattray, V Deeble, D Bateman, L Lambert                 24 – 18
W Robertson, R Bateman, P Willimas, E Biar               18 – 18

Division Three
Hahndorf defeated by Uraidla #1                                30 – 79
T Hennessey, R Munday, xxxxxx, C thompson              11 – 27
A Button, J Thompson, M Trubee, S Engel                      6 – 32
D Grego, P Wakefield, B Engel, J Benham                    13 – 20


All of us need to be aware of the value of our Defibrillator (AED) and how it works.  To ensure we have up to date knowledge, Paul Williams is conducting a Familiarisation Session after practice on Tuesday 30th October at approx 6.00-6.15pm.

Use of the respirator is also included.  A sausage sizzle is planned prior to the activity.

The session should last for approx 1/2 – 3/4 hour.  For further information please see the Notice Board.

Wednesday Woes

Wednesday did not turn our to be memorable expect for the wind and disappointing results.  All the teams struggled with the unpredictable winds but our opposition handled it better than us.

In top division Phil Nagel’s rink certainly had the better of Barry Rimmer winning by seven shots whilst Bob Edward’s rink had a great battle all day with Guy Stanley going down by two shots.  Chris Button’s rink had a day it does not wish to remember.  Just to mention two particular ends they lost one shot on each and held six and four seconds respectively.

In second division Ron Bateman had an excellent win by nine shots but unfortunately Bill Robertson and Tom Hennessey had difficult days.

Results were: 

Hahndorf defeated by Oakbank at Hahndorf                     42 – 61
Division One
C Button, G Evans, P Williams, C Harmer                               4 – 28
R Edwards, R Rattray, M Wheal, R Crocker                          18 – 20
P Nagel, T Anderson, L Lambert, M Armitage                       20 – 13

Division Two
Hahndorf defeated by Mt Barker #2 at Hahndorf               54 – 71
R Bateman, B Buckingham, E Biar, J Liebelt                          26 – 17
T Hennessey, D Bateman, J Benham, R Munday                   10 – 25
W Robertson, A McMahon, R Burton, D Turner                      18 – 29



Great Start to Season

What a great start to the season.  Played at home against Lenswood, our top and third division teams had excellent wins.  Phil Nagel’s rink edged out Con Harmer’s rink for the Rink of the Week by one shot: Phil being up by 18 shots and Con by 17.  Both rinks gave their respective teams solid wins to ensure the rest of the rinks were well supported.

Bob Edward’s rink lead for most of the day but Lenswood came back at the finish to complete the day with a draw.  Rick Babidge’s rink battled hard all day with the scores being no indication of the closeness of play.

Tom Hennessey’s rink fought back from being well down at the break to get within three shots at the end.  Ron Bateman had a real fight on his hands with his opposing skipper very adapt at running shots.  With the overall team score being one up with two ends to play, Ron’s rink lifted with a four, Con’s also scoring a three left Lenswood eight down with one to play.  Tom had already finished. The status quo remained the same with our team holding on to the eight shots.

Well done to all players, with a special mention to new bowler Merv Trubee for his first pennant game, welcome back to Pam Grego after her eye injury and to Matthew Armitage for his promotion to top division.

Next week top and second division host Uraidla whilst third division travel to Uraidla to meet their Uraidla #1 team.

Results were:

Division One
Hahndorf defeated Lenswood at Hahndorf                              76 – 66
R Babidge, S Maddern, A Gluyas, M Armitage                            19 – 27
R Edwards, R Mableson, M Wheal, R Crocker                             21 – 21
P Nagel, C Button, C Rowe, T Anderson                                      36 – 18


Division Three
Hahndorf defeated Lenswood at Hahndorf                               62 – 54
T Hennessey, T Button, M Trubee, J Benham                               19 – 22
R Bateman, D Bateman, P Grego, R Munday                               15 – 21
C Harmer, D Grego, D Turner, B Buckingham                               28 – 11

New Sponsor – Toriadesigns

For the past four years my daughter, Tori Evans, has been supporting me and our Club by assisting with the website, graphic designs, flyers, signs for sponsors etc.  This work has gone on behind the scenes but in recent times it was considered that Tori should become a sponsor.

You will note that her logo now appears on the carousel plus on our Sponsors’ page linked to her website.  Her business cards are on the sponsors’ table.  A magnetic sign is yet to come.

I am a little biased but based on her work with many clients they all appreciate her attention to details.  So if you know any business or single operator looking for a graphic designer, website developer or logos and many more, please do not hesitate to get in contact with her.

Slow day at Lobethal!

Top Division travelled to Lobethal to start the season on a cold, wintery day.   Again the slow greens caused difficulty early with all rinks struggling to make an impression on the scoreboard.  After the break both Phil Nagel and Chris Buttons’ rinks made inroads into the opposition leads and got within striking distance with two ends to play.  Unfortunately they were not able to maintain the momentum and went down by four and six shots respectively.  Bob Edwards rink played well at times but finished seventeen shots down.

Next week top division meets Oakbank whilst second division open their account against Mt Barker No 2.  Both teams are at home.

Hahndorf lost to Lobethal at Lobethal                          47 – 74
Division One
C Button, G Evans, A Stevens, C Harmer                        14 – 20
R Edwards, R Rattray, M Wheal, R Crocker                     10 – 27
P Nagel, T Anderson, B Robertson, P Williams                23 – 27


Just a reminder that the bar is open from 4.00pm with practise.  A Member’s draw, which started with $50.00, will be made and jackpot if the member is not in attendance.  So come along for a social drink and chat as we build towards a successful season.

Bring your family, a friend or a sponsor!!  You may also win some money.

Ladies Patron’s Shield Winners

The Patron’s Shield signals the opening day for ladies prior to the forthcoming Pennant Season. Hosted by last year’s winner, Mt Barker Bowling Club, our fabulous four of Pat Wakefield, Di Tuner, Rhonda Munday and Janet Liebelt represented our Club.  Much to everyone’s surprise, but not to us, they came home as winners.

Won all their matches – fantastic.

Congratulations girls – well done.