What’s on the Agenda?

Social Bowls – each Wednesday and Saturday afternoon 12.30 – for a 1.o0pm start.  Come out and enjoy playing with different bowlers – afternoon tea and finish around 4.30pm.

Club End of Season Dinner – Friday 6th April 2018. Time 6.30 for 6.45pm.

Club AGM: Monday 9th April 2018.  Time 7.00pm.

Bunnings BBQ: Friday 8th June 2018.  Roster to be on Notice Board in April.

Sad end to Finals!

Our Wednesday Division Two team traveled to Oakbank to play their semi-final with high hopes of repeating their win over Lobethal the previous week.   Unfortunately they were not able to complete the win going down by forty shots.  The problem was not made easier when Eric Biar had to retire at the half time mark leaving Bill Robertson’s rink one bowler short.

Tom Hennesey’s rink battled hard and got home by ten shots however Ron Bateman’s rink also had a day they would not wish to remember going down by twenty two shots.

Given the overall result, all bowlers who made up the Division Two team throughout the year are to be congratulated on making the finals.

Results were:

Hahndorf defeated by Lobethal at Oakbank                         38 – 78
W. Robertson, A. McMahon, P. Wakefield, E. Biar                      9 – 37
R. Bateman, D. Bateman, J. Benham, V. Deeble                        6 – 28
T. Hennessey, A. Stevens, B Buckingham, D. Turner                23 – 13

Great Minor Round Finish!!

What a way to finish the minor round.  Playing at home Division One took on the might of top placed Lobethal and came away with a great win.  Christine Keller’s rink had an excellent win by fifteen shots.  Scores were close in the early ends but a five allowed the rink to break away and continue to increase its lead to the end. Malcolm Keller’s rink fought all day to win by one shot.  Scores changed hands late in the day but a great last end sealed their win.  Phil Nagel’s rink were in trouble early but recovered over the last five ends to get within eleven shots.

The win lifted the team to finish in fifth place.

Fourth placed Division Two played a finals prelude against third placed Lobethal and got home by four shots.   Ron Bateman’s rink had an excellent win by eight shots with Bill Robertson’s rink, after being well down at afternoon tea, recovering to salvage a draw.  Tom Hennessey’s rink had a great fight and just fell short by four shots.

The win gives the team confidence going into the semi-final against Lobethal next week to be played at Oakbank.  Supporters are most welcome to give our bowlers support.    Best wishes to all.

Results were:

Division 1 Hahndorf  defeated Lobethal at Hahndorf                65 – 60

C. Keller, R Edwards, T. Anderson, G. Evans                                 28 – 13
M. Keller, M. Wheal, R Rattray, S Howe                                          20 – 19
P. Nagel, C. Edwardes, L. Lambert, R Crocker                               17 – 28

Division 2 Hahndorf  defeated Lobethal at Hahndorf                 56 – 52  

W. Robertson, A. McMahon, P. Wakefield, J. Liebelt                       16 – 16
R. Bateman, D. Bateman, J. Benham, V. Deeble                             23 – 15
T. Hennessey, A. Stevens, B Buckingham, D. Turner                      17 – 21

90 years young……

Life member, Past President and long time member, David Davis is celebrating his 90th birthday on Monday.  President during the early 2000’s, David was also Chairman of the Sponsorship Committee.

Still practicing, enjoying the occasional chat with his favourite magpies at the Club and playing the odd game, David is also renowned for his culinary skills, especially during working bees.

The Club is indebted to David for his continued support and we congratulate him on reaching this marvelous milestone.

Best wishes from all of us for a wonderful birthday on Monday.

Division One home by four

After being down throughout the game, Division one got home by four shots against Mt Pleasant at Mt Pleasant.  Malcolm Keller’s rink held sway during the day and won by eight shots.  Bob Edward’s rink got in front by three shots, however not without a fright loosing thirteen shots on three early ends.  Christine Keller’s rink had a tough battle but recovered gaining six shots in the closing ends to go down by seven shots.

Division Two had a tough assignment against Woodside’s top side and went down by forty one shots.  Ron Batman’s rink gave a great account of themselves getting within three shots but unfortunately Bill Robertson and Tom Hennesseys’ rinks lost by seventeen and twenty one shots respectively.  The team remained in fourth spot on the ladder and meet third placed Lobethal at home next week.

Results were:

Division 1 Hahndorf (6) defeated Mt Pleasant (7) at Mt Pleasant  70 – 66

C. Keller, T. Anderson, A. Stevens, G. Evans                             16 – 23
M. Keller, M. Wheal, R Rattray, R. Crocker                                 24 – 16
R. Edwards, C. Edwardes, P. Nagel, C. Button                           30 – 27

Division 2 Hahndorf (4) defeatded by Woodside (2) at Woodside  31 – 72

W. Robertson, A. McMahon, B Engel,  P. Grego                         11 – 28
R. Bateman, D. Bateman, J. Benham, V. Deeble                        13 – 16
T. Hennessey, C. Rowe, J. Thompson, D. Turner                          7 – 28

Three Wins…to finish Saturdays!

What a wonderful way to finish the Saturday Pennant Season!  Our three teams had excellent wins which was followed by a most enjoyable and successful social function back at the Clubrooms.

Division One made it three in a row with a sound win over Mt Pleasant by twelve shots.  Rick Babidge’s rink found form and have a runaway win by fifteen shots.  Christine Keller’s rink had a battle royal which culminated in a twenty four all draw.  Bob Edward’s rink made a charge back to the front after a slow start but fell short by three shots at the end.
The team finished in fifth place, one win and eight shots away from fourth.

Division Two got home in a nail-biting finish by one shot.  Bill Robertson’s rink returned to form with a resounding win by sixteen shots.  Ray Rattray and Carolyne Edwardes’ rinks had a difficult time going down by seven and eight shots respectively.
Whilst finishing in seventh place they had equal number of wins with the fifth and sixth placed teams.

Division Three also came home with a win over Mt Pleasant by ten shots.  They needed to win all rinks to get back in the four but fell short by two points.  Ron Bateman’s rink again starred with a seventeen shot win which was enough to cover Tom Hennessey and Tali Buttons’s rinks three and four shot losses.
Finishing in fifth place two points outside the four but with one extra win, the the team is to be congratulated on their performances throughout the year.  With a considerable change to the team each week they aquitted themselves very well.

Results were:

Division 1 Hahndorf  defeated Mt Pleasant at Hahndorf     74 – 62

C. Keller, M. Keller, L. Lambert, T. Anderson                            24 – 24
R Babidge, R. Mableson, C. Button, G. Evans                          31 – 16
R. Edwards, P. Nagel, S. Maddern, R. Crocker                         19 – 22

Division 2 Hahndorf  defeated Mt Pleasant at Hahndorf       56 – 55

W. Robertson, M. Wheal, J. Benham, B. Buckingham                28 – 12
R. Rattray, A. McMahon, V. Deeble, A. Button                            13 – 20
C. Edwardes, C. Rowe, S. Brooks, D. Davis                               15 – 23

Division 3 Hahndorf  defeated Mt Pleasant at Mt Pleasant       58 – 48

T. Hennessey, P Williams, R. Burton, M. Armitage                         16 – 19
R. Bateman, D. Bateman, B. Shields, J. Liebelt                              29 – 12
T. Button, P. Wakefield, D. Turner, R. Munday                                 13 – 17

Top Division home

Division One hosted Oakbank and came away with a comfortable win.  Christine and Malcolm Kellers’ rinks had wins by nine and four shots respectively whilst Bob Edwards’ rink missed by three shots.  The overall result was ten shots.  Next week the team plays seventh placed Mt Pleasant at Mt Pleasant with the hope of another win.

Division Two were not that lucky and met top placed Lenswood and lost by twenty eight shots.  Best of our rinks was Ron Bateman’s who had a great fight loosing by two shots.  Tom Hennessey and Bill Robertson’s rinks had a tough day going down by fourteen and twelve shots respectively.  Next week they meet second placed Woodside at Woodside – another difficult assignment.

Results were:

Division 1 Hahndorf  defeated Oakbank at Hahndorf      71 – 61

C. Keller, T. Anderson, A. Stevens, S. Howe                         25 – 21
M. Keller, M. Wheal, R Rattray, R. Crocker                            24 – 15
R. Edwards, C. Edwardes, L. Lambert, B. Buckingham         22 – 25

Division 2 Hahndorf  Vs Lenswood at Hahndorf                 49 – 77

W. Robertson, A. McMahon, B Engel, J. Liebelt                      16 – 28
R. Bateman, D. Bateman, J. Benham, V. Deeble                     17 – 19
T. Hennessey, P. Wakefield, P Williams, D. Turner                   16 – 30

Polo Tops on Parade

The Club’s new polo tops for use at Club functions or when playing at other club gala days went on show at the recent Uraidla Skin’s Day last Sunday.  Designed by Val Deeble and approved by your committee the top combines the Club’s colors plus the heritage 1842 windmill on the lower back. 

Members are encouraged to purchase one for use at the Club or other events.  See Val for more information Costs start @ $50.00 (inc GST).

Well done Val..


Top Division Again!

Top Division continued on its winning way giving itself at slim chance of making the final four if a miracle happens at Uraidla next Saturday.  Should Uraidla win all rinks over Mt Barker and Hahndorf win all rinks it is mathematically possible to sneak in.  Anything is possible!
Christine Keller and Bob Edward’s rinks have excellent wins at Woodside whilst Rick Babidge’s rink fought back to get within six shots at the finish.  Next week they play Mt Pleasant at home with a great chance of finishing with a win.

Second Division were not that lucky with President Bill’s rink having a day they would prefer to forget.  Carolyne Edwardes’ rink had a tussle all day with Ray Rattray’s rink providing the bright spark with a nine shot win.

Third Division needed to win to have any chance of making the four and win they certainly did.  Ron Bateman’s rink showed no mercy with a twenty two shot win and Tom Hennessey made it a double with an eighteen shot win.  Tali Button welcomed Pam Grego back for her first game of the season.  Unfortunately the rink went down by twelve shots.  The team sits just outside the four and a solid win next week should see them back and playing finals.  Best of luck.

Results were:  

Division 1 Hahndorf defeated Woodside at Woodside        70 – 59

C. Keller, M. Keller,  L.Lambert, T.Anderson                             26 – 17
R. Babidge, R. Mableson, C. Button, G. Evans                        16 – 22
R. Edwards, P. Nagel, S. Maddern, R. Crocker                         28 – 20

Division 2 Hahndorf defeated by Woodside at Woodside     46 – 76

R. Rattray, A. McMahon, V. Deeble, R. Munday                          21 – 12
W.Robertson, M. Wheal, J. Benham, B. Buckingham                    9 – 36
C. Edwardes, C. Rowe, A. Gluyas, S. Howe                                16 – 28

Division 3 Hahndorf defeated Woodside at Hahndorf             83 – 51  

R.Bateman,  D. Bateman, B. Shields, A. Button                           37 – 11
T. Button, P. Wakefield, P. Grego, D. Turner                                 15 – 27
T. Hennessey, P. Williams, R. Burton, J. Liebelt                            31 – 13